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Netflix is finally making a film about Philippine mythology

Netflix is finally making a film about Philippine mythology

Philippine mythology stans, ’tis a good day: An animated film about local folklore’s coming to Netflix with “Inside Out” co-director Ronnie Del Carmen at its helm.

The Filipino-raised Pixar vet and Oscar-nominated filmmaker recently made the move to Netflix, where he’s currently writing and developing the original animated feature. According to Cartoon Brew, Del Carmen revealed that the film will be rooted in our own local lore.

“I grew up somewhere else. My story starts in a group of islands, in a region that I’ve now traveled back to many times over. Each time I wish I could stay and relearn what I missed. Now I feel the pull of figuring out the beginning,” he said

“The parts that I use to make movies began there. So on this new journey I go where these stories will thrive. I carried these tales to Netflix, and when they heard my story they asked me to tell it here. So this is where I’m growing and nurturing these stories that have never been told, in an arena they deserve to belong to. “

Aside from “Inside Out,” Del Carmen’s credits include a long list of iconic animated features, from recent Pixar flick “Soul” as a story contributor to Dreamworks’ “The Prince of Egypt” as a storyboard artist. (He’s also the cause of a bucketful of tears because of that one “Up” scene—you know what I’m talking about.)

This untitled project doesn’t have many deets yet, but to keep us sated, the Philippine mythology adaptation department is thriving with news: Liza Soberano is set to voice the main character in the folklore-inspired Netflix series “Trese,” while director Erik Matti is also cooking up somethin’ scary for HBO. 

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