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Ateneo’s offering counseling sessions—for free

Ateneo’s offering counseling sessions—for free

With the world is still in shambles a year later, our mental health’s in an equal state of déjà vu. And the best place we can turn to is with a professional—fortunately, a center in Ateneo is now offering counseling services for free.

The Ateneo Bulatao Center has recently announced free-of-charge sessions in hopes of “extending a helping hand to [the] Filipino community.” The service will let people speak to responders that’ll provide a safe psychological space to share personal distress, and help equip them with emotion management strategies. Since it’s meant to be a shortened version of the regular thing, it’ll only be conducted within one to two sessions over Zoom.

Plus, you don’t have to hold an Ateneo ID to get in on it. Bulatao Center’s brief psychological services are available for all Filipino adults aged 18 and above. To sched a session, just head over to their site, read the terms and fill out the form.

But here’s a PS from them: These sessions aren’t meant to substitute therapy or a crisis hotline. If you’re currently in distress and in need of urgent attention, find the hotlines on their post and our mental health resource list here.

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