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Craving Studio Ghibli food? Hayao Miyazaki has a reason for that

Craving Studio Ghibli food? Hayao Miyazaki has a reason for that

Studio Ghibli tops our imaginary list of Michelin-starred fictional worlds, so much so that some folks had no choice but to recreate its food. So, what’s the secret to these mouthwatering animated dishes? It’s all because of co-founder Hayao Miyazaki: animator, director and unexpectedly amazing cook.

A recent Twitter Q&A with Ghibli producer Toshio Suzuki revealed the inspiration behind the meals when one fan asked, “Why is it that all the food that appears in Studio Ghibli movies always looks so delicious?”

The answer? “It’s because it’s all food that Miyazaki himself has actually made,” Suzuki wrote. 

This comes as no surprise when food has always been a staple for the animated ’verse, which isn’t simply meant to be eye candy. Back in 2017, the studio held an exhibition honoring the famous dishes of the films titled “Delicious! Animating Memorable Meals.”

“Food that is still warm, that looks soft and tender, with the wonderful flavor showing on the faces of those eating them—these scenes of meals are appealing and charming,” reads its official site. “No dialogue is needed to convey deliciousness and happiness.”

From Breakfast à la Calcifer to “Totoro” bento boxes, Ghibli-themed grub has plagued our stomachs so frequently we reckon that Miyazaki’s got some serious skills in the IRL kitchen. And while we can’t camp out in his dining room anytime soon (or anytime, really), we’ll always have our dear ol’ recreations. Check them out.

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