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A new docu features never-before-seen clips from Wong Kar-Wai films

A new docu features never-before-seen clips from Wong Kar-Wai films

Think you’ve seen every frame in “Fallen Angels” and “Chungking Express”? Probably not. Good news for Wong Kar-Wai fans lurking for new updates, because there’s still gold to unearth from one of Hong Kong’s greats.

After the screening of “Happy Together”—4k-remastered version, BTW—at the Hong Kong International Film Festival, Wong Kar-Wai premiered “One-Tenth of a Millimeter Apart,” a 30-minute documentary featuring never-before-seen footage of the auteur’s feature films. This also celebrates the 30th anniversary of Jet Tone Films, his production company. 

“We give our regards to all that is past and was possible. At their closest, they would have been part of these films, but for one-tenth of a millimeter,” Wong said in a statement. 

According to Variety, this doc is narrated by the director himself, bringing us the cinematic universe we deserve: deleted scenes, behind-the-scenes footage and more unreleased materials. Is this my chance to find Su Li-zhen and Chow Mo-wan’s will-they-won’t-they crumbs in “In The Mood for Love”? I’m waiting. 

Well, we all are. But while there’s no specific date for a worldwide release yet, we’ve compiled a list of Wong’s short films for your viewing pleasure in the meantime. 

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