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This Soft™ quiz gives me compliments I deserve

When Paramore said “hard times,” I felt that. Sources of happiness are pretty scarce right now, but that doesn’t mean we should feel bad in asking for them. Whether it’s an after-study treat, another ep of our fave series, or just as “simple” as a compliment after a shitty day, we deserve it. 

Speaking of compliments, there’s a virtual, inanimate entity that’s ready to give one to anyone. In case you’ve missed your friends’ post about it, there’s a personality quiz designed to make you feel better. Posted on Facebook group “Daily Dose of Tumblr,” a quick cute Q&A made by pinkpxls lets you imagine yourself in different scenarios—particularly ones we miss or can’t afford to be part of right now. A 3 a.m. fast food run? A crowded amusement park? The descriptions are detailed to boot. 

Aside from this, the nine-item quiz also pushes you to ruminate about yourself. If there’s a time machine at arm’s length, which era would you head to? It also covers your fears and biggest secret (yeah, I know, but you could also deny having one). NGL, how this quiz was crafted is actually cathartic; no wonder my mutuals are getting emotional over it. 

At the end, the quiz showers you with compliments based on the personality it derived from your answers. The accuracy is scary (but assuring that I, too, still exist as a human being). 

Answer the quiz here. 

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