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Help a soup kitchen by buying a riso poster for your community pantry

Help a soup kitchen by buying a riso poster for your community pantry

It’s been a month since the community pantry wave started, and though this genuine project continues to face threats, organizers are still trying their best to keep the initiative afloat.

If you’re thinking of other ideas to help your local pantry, here’s one: slap it a cute, powerful poster. In collaboration with radical zine-maker Makò Micro-Press and illustrator Diigii Daguna, Bad Student—the first and only riso art press in the Philippines—has crafted creative community pantry posters. And yes, they’re all risograph-made. 

One of the posters shows a crowd helping each other carry fish and vegetables, while another firmly states “fight where you stand.” Thanks to their arresting elements and clear messages, it might be easier for community pantry organizers to draw people using these visual signages.


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Apart from that, buying a poster from this collection will help Soup Kitchen Cainta, a non-profit organization that offers assistance to underprivileged communities in the municipality. Food packs will be delivered directly to senior citizens and kids from Floodway, Cainta, according to Bad Student.

For more information, head to Bad Student’s page. You can place your orders here.

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Leaders of the New Cool: Bad Student 

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