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Calling all artists and scientists: This research project needs you

Calling all artists and scientists: This research project needs you

Through the years, we’ve discovered how art and science really shouldn’t be pitted against each other (looking at you, boomers) because, in fact, our survival depends on how well they coexist. 

The next step is to push this conversation forward—which we might be able to witness in a new initiative. Called “Science By Way of Art,” this effort is part of a research project that “aims to explore existing, potential, under-utilized, or under-described collaborations between the arts and the sciences in the Philippines.” 

How do the arts and humanities influence science and technology research in the country? To answer this question, the team (Diego Maranan, Franchesca Casauay, and Patricia Calora) is currently looking for participants to share their work with them. Whether you’re an artist, scientist, philosopher, designer, inventor, engineer or researcher who’s experienced working in the arts and humanities or the science and technology research and development sector, you can take part in the fulfillment of this project.

Are you an illustrator who has incorporated scientific research into your freelance output? A scientist who has collabed with graphic designers in a research project? Count yourself in.

Join the open call by filling out this form. This way, the team behind “Science By Way of Art” would be able to know more about your work, contributing to the goal of unpacking more Philippine art and science collabs. 

Head to their website for more information. 

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