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The ‘Call Me By Your Name’ sequel might not be happening after all

The ‘Call Me By Your Name’ sequel might not be happening after all

Life isn’t all peaches and cream, unfortunately. After years of anticipation on the “Call Me By Your Name” sequel, a recent convo with its director has cast some serious doubts in seeing it come to fruition.

Filmmaker Luca Guadagnino had confirmed the follow-up to the 2017 film three years ago, with original leads Timothée Chalamet and Armie Hammer attached to the project. The film’s sequel was set to be an adaptation of “Find Me,” the next book in author André Aciman’s “CMBYN” series. Fast-forward to several “reassuring” updates, an HBO show, and a cannibal film, “CMBYN” 2.0 might not be happening after all. (At least, maybe after a long, long, long while.)

“The truth of the matter is, my heart is still there, but I’m working on this movie now, and I’m hopefully going to do ‘Scarface’ soon, and I have many projects and so will focus on this side of the Atlantic and the movies I want to make,” Guadagnino told Deadline on the set of his new film with Chalamet, “Bones and All.”

We can’t say we’re surprised, though. With Timmy C’s new stints as “Dune” boy Paul Atreides, pre-Johnny Depp Willy Wonka, Guadagnino’s packed upcoming directorial slate, and well, Armie Hammer’s alleged cannibalistic tendencies (which is also the theme of “Bones and All” but totally not inspired by real events, wink wink), we hope to finally skip to the fifth stage of grief now.

And yeah, sure, we’ll always have that cannibal movie.

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