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Netflix’s next horror flick is serving major ‘Midsommar’ vibes

Netflix’s next horror flick is serving major ‘Midsommar’ vibes

Look, we get it, horror fans. Sometimes, you just wish you could experience watching “Midsommar” for the first time again. Unfortunately, reality sucks, and we can’t get that. But Netflix has something else in store for us: a new “Midsommar”-esque horror flick called “A Classic Horror Story.”

Dubbed by the streaming service as “the Italian ‘Midsommar’ meets ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre,’” the teaser trailer for the horror flick peeks at an isolated cabin in the woods with interiors bathed in blood red. It cuts to flashes of scenes hinting at the gory rituals and tortures that happen inside its walls—all involving hooded cult figures, eyes pierced by pointed objects, and a taxidermied deer (for some reason).

According to the official summary, “A Classic Horror Story” follows five carpoolers who get into an accident while trying to steer away from a dead animal carcass. When they regain consciousness, they find themselves in the middle of nowhere. The road has disappeared, and in its place is a dense forest and a wooden house—which happens to be the home of a violent cult.

Cults? Road trips gone awry? Gratuitous gore? You could say we’re hyped. It’s set to stream on July 14, but in the meantime, check out the trailer below.

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Still from “A Classic Horror Story”



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