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Junji Ito just made A24’s ‘The Lighthouse’ into a manga

Junji Ito just made A24’s ‘The Lighthouse’ into a manga

Junji Ito and A24 stans, your worlds have now collided. Following his foray into adaptations with Adult Swim’s “Uzumaki,” the Japanese horror master is dabbling into another one—this time, for A24-produced film “The Lighthouse,” which he just turned into manga.

To coincide with its Japanese release, Comic Natalie reports that Junji Ito will drop a short adaptation based on the acclaimed Robert Eggers-directed horror film starring Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe. The manga will serve as a brief summary of the film’s plot, which is set for release on July 9 along with the film.

Junji Ito just made A24’s ‘The Lighthouse’ into a manga 2

The two-page sneak peek looks into the film’s monochromatic dark atmosphere translated onto paper. The story follows the tale of two lighthouse keepers who slowly descend into madness amid forced isolation. Certain folks have also noted the similarities between the psychological horrors in “The Lighthouse” with Junji Ito’s own hair-raising body of work, so really—this team-up was bound to happen.

While we wait for “The Lighthouse” (feat. Junji Ito) to release, here are a couple of our fave pieces from the horror master himself, just in case you don’t mind losing a few Zzs. 

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Photos from “The Lighthouse” and “The Lighthouse” manga adaptation


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