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‘Fight Club’? We only know ‘Awts Club’ by Banquetta

Number one rule in “Fight Club”: You do not talk about “Fight Club.”

So we’ll talk about something closer to our (existential-infused, hopeless) heart instead: “Awts Club,” Banquetta’s latest lookbook.

Just when we thought nothing could possibly spell out our pandemonium loneliness, an eccentric clothing store did the job for us. Before Pride month ended, they made their comeback with another batch of tongue-in-cheek subtitled stills, this time as an homage to the 1999 cult classic “Fight Club.” David Fincher wished he did this.

For Banquetta’s ninth season, they let their visual spread touch on deep-seated musings, from protein shakes left in the cold to pondering whether we fall under the “essential” standard of quarantine protocols. Our protagonist searches for a club that would ease the isolation pain—in printed polos, soft leather jackets, and camouflage bottoms to boot. 

Whether you’ll pop on these outfits for a mirror selfie or for faux clubbing in your room, Banquetta’s noir and melodramatic treatment will surely make you feel a little less isolated. After all, as one photo says, we’re just using humor as a coping mechanism.

Peep more from the lookbook here:

Cop their thrifted ‘fits by hitting them up here.

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Inspired by David Fincher’s Fight Club

Model: Redge Tolentino

Curated and directed by Balentino Bonifacio and John David Montesa

Photos courtesy of Banquetta


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