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Grab your tissues, BL series ‘Love Beneath the Stars’ is streaming today


Raise your hand if you’ve been waiting for Dominic and Luke’s comeback. (Yup, count us in.) 

The long wait is over because starting today, Aug. 16, we can now stream the new BL series “Love Beneath the Stars” on iWantTFC. Dropping at 8 p.m., “Love Beneath the Stars” is the sequel to the 2020 Metro Manila Film entry “The Boy Foretold by the Stars.”

The new BL series gives us a closer look at issues such as sexual orientation and the stand of Catholic schools and parents when children come out, writer and director Dolly Dulu stated in a press con. 

Starring Adrian Lindayag (Dominic) and Keann Johnson (Luke), Dominic and Luke are back as an official couple. Finally, the news has been broken to their families and friends—but it leaves their relationship up for scrutiny. 

“Sugal ang pagmamahal, hindi ito para sa mga duwag,” (Love is a gamble. It is not for cowards) says the fortuneteller, played by no less than Iyah Mina. Aside from issues concerning trust, the couple also faces obstacles in the form of rejection after a “scandal”: Studying in a conservative all-boys high school, the couple gets reprimanded for kissing during their grad ball.

“The reason why we’re all doing this, why we’re all working together to finish the series is to send out the message out there,” Keann said in a press conference. “[To tell] everyone that it is OK to love someone of the same gender.”

A new journey of closure, acceptance, and continuous fight for identity,  “Love Beneath the Stars” spans six episodes. It premieres tonight on iWantTFC, with new episodes every Monday.

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