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Your next budol? Cute film cameras. Just head to these IG stores


As a sequel to our “WDYM film is dead?” saga, we’re taking you to the most nostalgic destination there is: Your extremely innocent childhood. Specifically, that one phase when everything looked and felt like a toy. Because, well, they kind of were. 

In case you haven’t lurked around Instagram enough, there are a couple of stores that have morphed into a hotbed of cute film cameras. And by cute, we mean pop culture-infused, playful, and with a camera body that spells “unapologetically totally quirky.” And don’t worry, these toy-looking cameras work with tender, love, and batteries. To save you a search, here’s a list of initial targets. 

Film Camera Store PH

Filling up a budding film photographer’s arsenal since 2019, Film Camera Store PH offers a roster of Konicas, Minolta, and Yashicas. But there’s also something lined up for more bizarre realities: a lime green lomography fisheye, a film roll-inspired camera, a juice box-looking camera, and one that looks like a gigantic lipstick. Products run out fast, but hey, an upside: this absolutely fine Fuji Panorama Mickey Mouse camera is still up for adoption. 


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The Analog Cartel

Think only the classic Minesweeper can track goldmines? Scrolling through The Analog Cartel’s feed will already spoil you with rares. Apart from the  OG Polaroid editions and underwater toy cameras, you can also spot a Superb toy camera you can wrap as a gift for a friend, yourself, or your sleep paralysis demon (so they can pick up a hobby aside from spending too much time with you.)

Milky Softie’s Shop

Yup, this pocket-friendly Bratz Passion for Fashion camera isn’t a fever dream. If Softis in your DNA, claim Milky Softie’s Shop as your natural habitat. Its candy-coated store bursts with cameras from the Hello Kitty, Looney Tunes, and Barbie universes—perfect for that self-actualization process your younger self deserved. The dibs game here is quite wild, though, so make sure you prepare for their next collection.

Film Camera Philippines 

Born in 2017, Film Camera Philippines is that bestie who has everything: an unconventionally-shaped 35mm camera, a vintage Tei San, another vintage camera (but it’s an Instax 100!) and actual film photography guides for the young *Tumblr 2012 voice* shutterbug. But really, we know that your heart wants this M&M’s-designed camera above all. We’ve been thinking about it too. 

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M&M’s and Hello Kitty camera photos from @filmcameraph, Superb toy camera photo from @theanalogcartel

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