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SHNTI’s ‘Goodie Goodie’ has good vibes wrapped in a rap track

SHNTI’s ‘Goodie Goodie’ has good vibes wrapped in a rap track

In dire need of a serotonin upgrade? We gotta admit, that’s a hard same. Luckily, we have it covered with a music rec, courtesy of femcee extraordinaire SHNTI. 

This month, the up-and-coming rapper and indie hip-hop label Lightning in a Bottle Studios (co-founded by Kartell’em’s Waiian and creative Misha Salud) dropped a remastered version of her track “Goodie Goodie.” 

Mixed and mastered by Calix, the English/Filipino track takes on the POV of a free-spirited teenager bent on chasing her dreams as she tears down concepts of materialism that trail along with influence. With soul and flow that fit the cadence of ’90s greats marked with clear-cut songwriting, “Goodie Goodie” is an easy-listening gem packed with sage advice for stray dreamers.

“Goodie Goodie” isn’t the only thing SHTNI has in store, with the rapper bound to drop her upcoming EP “Element” soon, a record dubbed in a statement as a “compilation of different and new sounds with experimental lyricism.” Back in 2019, we sat down with SHNTI and more female rappers about the local femcee revolution—and from the sounds of it, it’s still going full speed ahead.

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