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Like you, singer-songwriter Ena Mori is a Lorde believer


Previously on our “Your Fave’s Fave” series, we’ve discussed photographer Mica Abesamis’ unconditional love for Park Seo-joon, singer-songwriter Tala’s master list of anime crushes, and ultimately the mysterious territory of stan culture. Now, we’re back, back, back again with a new friendly neighborhood fan who resists the pressures of stan culture.

“I’m an official Lorde fan, a CEO by heart,” Filipino pop musician Ena Mori tells us, in defense of the absence of a Lorde stan account or an online fan club membership. The “TALK! TALK!” singer’s goal of having a peaceful space in social media is one of the reasons why she loves the “Solar Power” artist, whose preferred mode of fan communication is a good ol’ email. And, as a songwriter herself, Lorde’s authentic sound in the pop scene plays a huge role in how she perceives her own work (also: detaching from it when it gets released).

For our third episode of “Your Fave’s Fave,” we let Ena provide a refresher on why anyone can be a Lorde believer, even without the virtual receipts. Peep her origin story below:

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