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We’re feeling hella renewed with Jolianne’s ‘Brand New’ track

We’re feeling hella renewed with Jolianne’s ‘Brand New’ track

Somewhere in my Twitter drafts, I’ve written, “That Gen Z urge to disappear on all socials and come back as a new person.” If you find yourself figuratively shouting “hear, hear” to that, then maybe the first step to this reset is listening to Jolianne Salvado’s newest single.

Dropped today, Nov. 19, the song from the 18-year-old musician—who debuted as a Careless Music artist this year—is a treat to her listeners: a smooth R&B ballad called “Brand New.” Co-written with Marcus Davis, produced by Tim Marquez and Isagani Palabyab, and mastered by Waxiefield Sound Production, Jolianne’s track serves as a lyrical springboard to our personal rebirth.

“Brand New” starts with a hint of awareness and “sashay away” energy in the lyrics, “I swear you’ve been doing with me wrong.” It then escalates to a stronger focus, convincing us about her goal to break out of the mold and take control of herself—huge thanks to Jolianne’s soulful and feisty vocals. With the track’s potent atmosphere, “Brand New” has revealed how she’s determined to be the next dynamic artist reigning our playlists. And by the looks of it, she isn’t so far behind. 

Listen to “Brand New” here:

Photos by Jan Mayo, courtesy of Careless Music


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