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11 creepy things in the trailer of summer horror ‘Nope’

11 creepy things in the trailer of summer horror ‘Nope’

It’s another good day for an update from the Jordan Peele department of ideas. Today, we’re putting our equestrian helmets on and going horseback riding—wait, are those aliens?

The trailer of the much-anticipated Jordan Peele film “Nope” starring Daniel Kaluuya (“Get Out”), Keke Palmer (“Hustlers”), and Steven Yuen (“Minari”) has finally landed, and it’s more ominous than we expected. Dubbed the “reimagined summer movie with a pop of nightmare,” this horror epic welcomes us to an eerie atmosphere in California, consisting of a community that’s about to decipher what a “bad miracle” actually looks like.

For a trailer that doesn’t give away a lot of information (a la classic Jordan Peele style), we have a lot of emotions—and most of them definitely point to fright. Here are the first 10 things we noticed in our first viewing that give us a peek into this film’s kind of terror.

  1. (0:08) The fact that Kaluuya and Palmer’s characters—who look like horse trainers-slash-cattle ranchers—are talking about the latter’s great-great grandfather in a grim-looking production set. We already know the possible fate of empty-sounding shooting venues. 
  2. (00:41) The slow disconnect with reality along with the vinyl’s slowness on the turntable. Before we know it, some otherworldly sound grows as the power goes out, leaving us with only darkness and crickets. It’s definitely a recipe for an extraterrestrial visit, if our years of movie-watching would serve us right. Hold up, where are the crickets now?
  3. (00:59) The title sequence puts “Jordan Peele” above “From.” I’m probably looking too much into this, but that definitely adds up to the weird atmosphere. Should we overanalyze the concept of upside-down now? 
  4. (1:09) The horse’s disturbed peace as a flying element flies across the sky. What could the extraterrestrials’ relationship with horses be? Are the horses here not actually horses? 
  5. (1:20) Inflatable tube men getting a lot of screentime. And whenever they show up, they don’t look as colorful as they try to be. (But they’re a mood, that’s for sure.)
  6. (1:22) A pile of alien plushies (that don’t have eyes!) forming a pyramid, looking like a part of a cursed amusement park “experience.” You can even peep an “alien viewer” note at the upper right corner. 
  7. (1:31) That woman with a pink hat is giving skin-crawling creeps. Maybe not as scary as Freddy Krueger, but I’ll keep an eye on her (if I can).
  8. (1:31) Picking up from that “upside-down” concept, it took me a while to realize that there looks to be an upside-down horse on the pickup truck.
  9. (1:34) That bloody fist bump is giving me “The Shape of Water” energy too, NGL. 
  10. (1:35) OK, another creature we can’t identify. Great.
  11. (1:41) The string of flags which is attached to the unidentified flying object. What if they actually captured some living beings in festivities flocked with… horses?

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