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CCP is offering up to P2 million in grants for your Philippine mythology project

CCP is offering up to P2 million in grants for your Philippine mythology project

Lesson number one from “Trese”? Philippine mythology is ripe for rich storytelling. And if you’re one of the creatives brewing something related to this diverse mythos, then listen up—the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) might just have the grant for you.

To help boost the heritage of local folklore, myths, and legends, the CCP is currently accepting applications for creative grants divided into three categories: digital game development (up to P1.5 million), animation (up to P2 million), and comics (up to P330,000).

Interested Filipino creatives will have to submit a pitch deck, project portfolio, and other supporting requirements that vary according to the project type. Seven potential winners will be selected for games, four for animation, and six will be picked for comics, all based on criteria such as cultural authenticity, creative skills and content, commercial viability, capability to produce, and visual appeal.

The expected output for the animation grant is a five-minute animated short, while the comics grant is a minimum of 24-page comics. For the game development grant, projects should be implemented and completed within six months—although projects with a working prototype or in post-production phases are free to apply.

Got a cool folklore tale the world’s yet to see? CCP will be waiting for your decks and documents till April 26 for game developers and May 30 for animators and comic artists. 

For the list of full requirements and pitch deck guides, tap here for game development and here for animation and comics. You can also shoot CCP an email at [email protected]

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