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This ‘Broken Marriage Vow’ x ‘Satisfaction’ remix deserves a Grammy


Spoiler alert to those who haven’t boarded the “Broken Marriage Vow” train: A lot of drama happened. And if we know the internet, if there’s drama, there’s probably a remix of it somewhere.

On an Instagram Live last Easter Sunday, content creator AC Soriano (a.k.a. ItsACsLife) staged a one-person “unauthorized” musical spanning the filmography of “The Broken Marriage Vow” actress Jodi Sta. Maria. 

Aside from her current stint as Dr. Jill Ilustre—as adapted from the UK’s “Doctor Foster” series—“Jodi Sta. Maria: The Unauthorized Rusical” took on renditions of her characters from the sweet Maya from “Be Careful with My Heart” and the vengeful Amor Powers from “Pangako Sa ’Yo.” But one of the moments that stole the show? A remixed performance of “The Broken Marriage Vow’s” iconic line.

Dressed as Dr. Jill complete with a bob-and-bangs wig, AC reenacted a pivotal scene in the series, where Jill reveals that her husband David is having an affair with a younger woman named Lexy right in front of the woman’s parents. Imbuing the steely spirit blessed by Sta. Maria herself along with the backing of the electro house hit “Satisfaction,” AC lipsynced: “Your daughter is sleeping with my husband.” Voila, a masterpiece.

Since then, pieces of the iconic dialogue have reached a different level of fame (a.k.a. a new inside joke in the Twitter-verse).

Of course, we aren’t all that surprised with AC’s musical prowess, as we’ve witnessed it ourselves during Scout’s Karaoke Nights. So best believe that I, for one, will be sitting here in patience, hyped for the next AC rusical.

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Screenshots from ItsACsLife’s Instagram

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