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Prep your tissues for ‘Whisper of the Heart’s’ live-action sequel


No, our Sad Person Era didn’t end when Taylor Swift dropped her “All Too Well (Sad Girl Autumn Version)”. We—particularly enemies-to-lovers fans—are in for another ugly crying session. Just check out this comeback from the Studio Ghibli universe.

After its announcement in 2020, the live-action sequel of 1995 anime classic “Whisper of the Heart” is finally getting real. Now, we already have a trailer that takes us one step further to answering the burning question: What happened to Shizuku and Seiji 10 years after?

In case you’ve forgotten where we left off, “Whisper of the Heart” follows a boy-meets-girl tale born out of a library. The meet-cute starts when Shizuku grows a distinct annoyance towards Seiji, whom she discovers has been checking out her books. After their friendship progresses into something deeper, the ending shows us Seiji professing his love for Shizuku with marriage in mind—with the sunrise as their witness. 

While not everyone is a fan of sequels (and much more seeing the OG characters in a different treatment), this second chapter might just be the closure viewers need, especially when in doubt of young love’s superficialities. So far, what we’ve spotted in the trailer are Shizuku (played by Nana Seino) hugging airmail envelopes, and Seiji (Tori Matsuzaka) playing the cello. Now on their way to pursue their own passions, what could unfold when they cross paths again? As adults, will they be able to keep their promises? 

This live-action sequel is set to premiere on October 14, 2022 (in Japan, at least). While we cross our fingers for a local cinema debut, we take a peek at another Studio Ghibli gift this year: a theme park

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Art by Yel Sayo

Stills from “Whisper of the Heart” (1995) and “Whisper of the Heart” live-action sequel trailer



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