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Why are we so obsessed with 2000s Filipino pop culture?


In the Filipino webspace, two things inevitably exist: 1) memes about the present, and 2) memes about the past—particularly, the 2000s.

Whether it’s Ai-Ai delas Alas shouting “Ten-ten!” in “Tanging Ina” or a line-by-line rendition of that scene™ from “One More Chance,” Y2K Filipino pop culture has entered public consciousness again. What was once considered “corny” or “tacky” is now embraced by the internet, thanks, in part, to a “camp is the new cool” mindset.

But, let’s backtrack. How did the subject of our cringing become an unadulterated obsession? In the fourth and final episode of our video series “Nostalgia Goggles,” we sat down with G and Mark, hosts of “The Retrospectives”—a podcast delving into ’90s to early 2000s media—to talk about Y2K pop culture in the Philippines, from the love teams down to the sexy novelty groups, and how we’re looking at it all through a different set of lens. 

Watch the vid below.

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Produced by Katrina Maisie Cabral
Video by Mikey Yabut
Art by Yel Sayo



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