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You have one whole week to try out Stardew Valley for free

You have one whole week to try out Stardew Valley for free

Anyone up for a trial run of the slow-paced side of life? While we can’t exactly offer an IRL version, gamers can now take Stardew Valley farming/fishing/mining/foraging/marriage (yes, marriage) for a spin, and all for free—with a catch.

The 8-bit country life simulator (and unexpected esports game) is free to test for Nintendo Switch players, but for a limited time. 

Starting June 15 till June 21 Philippine time, Nintendo Switch Online subscribers will be able to download a trial version of the game. If it’s up their, well, valley, users can grab the full game with a 20 percent discount till June 28.

For folks who live under a Stardew Valley-deprived rock, the open-ended role-playing game lets players live through the eyes of a burned-out city worker, who inherits their grandfather’s old farm plot in the countryside. With some hand-me-down tools and a few coins, players can take up farming, fishing, and everything else under the valley’s sun. 

To download the free trial of the game, check out Nintendo Switch’s eShop. If anyone needs a li’l convincing, we here at Scout have some notes on the life-altering ways of Stardew Valley. (Take that, Animal Crossing.)

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