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Can you handle the truth (a.k.a. You and your bias’ music compatibility?)

Can you handle the truth (a.k.a. You and your bias’ music compatibility?)

A few months ago, I was thinking of ending things. But recently, I’ve been thinking of starting things. This includes scenarios that won’t actually happen, like having small talk with my bias from miles and miles away (literally and figuratively).

But hey, there’s no harm in coming prepared, right? Aside from weather talk and the stan speech we’ve spent a long time rehearsing, maybe we can talk about our similarities. Well, Spotify has prophesied that we’d use the music taste card. 

Another feature off Spotify’s interactive pool, Listen Alike determines the compatibility of you and your bias when it comes to songs you listen to. Just pick an artist—be it  Beabadobee or H.E.R. or John Legend—and let the site do the calculation. Check out the match rate yourself. Otherwise, recommended artists will show up—which means you and your fave don’t vibe with the same tunes. TBH, you have a future conversation starter either way.

If you and your bias’ compatibility is the last of your concerns right now, maybe you want to test your Spotify similarities with your friends (or strangers) instead. 


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