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Unpacking social awareness with TEDxMiriamCollege 2022

Unpacking social awareness with TEDxMiriamCollege 2022

With the gravity of recent events concerning society, being socially aware has become our responsibility. However, being heavily informed can only do as much if no action will be taken to address the challenges we’re faced with. Thank heavens for technology in this modern age as it carries one of the most powerful tools to expand our capabilities to encourage thousand of people to act, establish platform for advocacies or movement, and to contribute insights that give people the confidence to move forward.

In its fifth year, TEDxMiriamCollege seeks to unearth awareness into action that will serve people to thrive, adapt, and eventually reach their goals.  

The TEDxMiriamCollege 2022: Inward Acceleration: Awaken Your Becoming is all set to ignite digital issues and interest conversations on September 26, 2022, from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm via Zoom.

Through this online affair, topics such as “Fight against Falsehood on Social Media,” “Millennial Entrepreneurship,” “Achieving Work-Life Balance,” “Innovative Habits of Filipinos in the Financial Literacy,” and “Personal Brand Building” will be put on the forefront. Inward Acceleration aims to inspire the audiences to navigate their unique passion and face the issues of our society today in a more constructive, positive, and wiser approach.

Content creator and marketing professional, Ms. Gianne Hinolan will be the event host accompanied with driven and talented Filipinos who have brought inspiration to many and made an impact in their respective industries. Join Mr. Christian Esguerra, a political journalist, educator, host of “Facts First” and a former anchor and managing editor of the political talk program, “After the Fact,” on the ABS-CBN News Channel; Ms. Nina Cabrera, a content creator, advocate, inspirational speaker, and CEO of Colourette Cosmetics and Fresh Formula; Mx. Riyan Portuguez, CEO and founder of YMP LeaD, clinical psychologist and psychometrician, staunch LGBTQ+ and mental health advocate, and digital creator under the name Your Millennial Psychologist; Ms. Nik Madriñan, a money mindset coach and content creator who is dedicated to empowering Filipino professionals with habits to achieve their own version of financial freedom; and Ms. Joyce Pring-Triviño, a TV Presenter, podcast host, keynote speaker, and World Vision Ambassador who has been impacting millions of lives by her continuous creation of substantial content in her platforms.

Coming from the pride of Miriam College CCATT Singers organization, our beloved Anna Sophia Acbang and Leila Abellaneda will serenade the room through their heartfelt performances.

This event is open to anyone interested inclusive of all identities across the gender spectrum  Complete the registration here: to secure your slot!

For more information, make sure to follow TEDxMiriamCollege on Facebook and @tedxmiriamcollege on Instagram.


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TED’s open and free initiatives for spreading ideas include, where new TED Talk videos are posted daily; TEDx, which licenses thousands of individuals and groups to host local, self-organized TED-style events around the world; the TED Fellowsprogram, which selects innovators from around the globe to amplify the impact of their remarkable projects and activities; The Audacious Project, which surfaces and funds critical ideas that have the potential to impact millions of lives; TED Translators, which crowdsources the subtitling of TED Talks so that big ideas can spread across languages and borders; and the educational initiativeTED-Ed. TED also offers TED@Work, a program that reimagines TED Talks for workplace learning. TED also has a growing library of original podcasts, including The TED Interview with Chris Anderson, WorkLife with Adam Grant, Pindrop and TEDxSHORTS.

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