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In her ‘Glue Song’ MV, Beabadoobee shares an ‘exclusive snapshot’ of her life in Iloilo City


After the “Beatopia” creator left us wondering with new music teasers for weeks (which felt like a lifetime, TBH), at last, our long wait has finally paid off. The newest addition to our post-Valentine’s Day soundtrack is now being played on loop.

In time for the love month, Filipino-British musician Beabadoobee (a.k.a. Beatrice Kristi Laus) has released her newest love song, “Glue Song.” 

Before you theorize, the title of the romantic track, “Glue Song,” isn’t as strange as it seems and is actually pretty straightforward if you read its message. “I guess I’m stuck forever by the glue, oh, and you.” In fact, Beatrice revealed that she dedicated the track to her friends and her current relationship.

Among the many memories attached to “Glue Song” is that Beatrice crafted it at the back of her car while on tour back in 2022. Beabadoobee said in a press release: “I wrote a lot of this song while on tour across Australia and Asia in the back of cars and traveling.” 

“It’s a heartfelt song that means a lot to me… A love song and the first one I’ve written in my new relationship… For the first time, this is just me being really happy.”

Apart from the song’s affectionate lyricism, “Glue Song’s” music video has something of a “personal touch” to boot—an “exclusive snapshot” from the lens of a 16mm film camera, exhibiting her life in her hometown, Iloilo City. Bea herself, along with her boyfriend Jacob Erland, flew all the way to Iloilo to direct and film the music video.

“I wanted to capture how beautiful Iloilo is, as I haven’t seen much of it on the internet, and I thought I needed that when I was growing up,” Beabadoobee wrote on Instagram.

“A lot of people I love are in this music video, so you guys are seeing a little exclusive snapshot of my life. My lolo planted all those trees in that bit where I walked around in, [and] my lola’s house where I grew up and visited every year [since] I moved to London.”

As for what comes next after this release, the Gen Z icon will be heading for her 2023 Europe shows. Plus, a month from now, she will open for Taylor Swift in the first leg of The Eras Tour in the United States.

Head over here to listen to Beabadoobee’s “Glue Song.”

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