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Scout Weekend OST vol. 7: New music drops you need on your radar

The holidays are long over and that could only mean two things: first, you’re now left with no choice but to work on the backlogs you’ve been putting off since heaven knows when; and second, the “struggling and stressed out commuters” club is welcoming you back to its fort. Whether you’re a student dealing with face-to-face classes or a regular employee (read: a corporate slave) with bare minimum pay and benefits, we’ve all been practically forced to endure the poor transport system just to get to wherever we need to be.

So, for this volume of Scout Weekend OST, we (virtually) scoured the globe for the latest bangers to somehow get you through absurdly long commutes—and save you from an influencer’s school of toxic positivity while at it. After all, out of all the things that could possibly uplift a commuter’s mood, music would always be one of the easiest, and dare I say, most effective options.

“Flowers” by Miley Cyrus

Are you one of those fans who have been silently hoping for a more upbeat sound from Miley Cyrus? Wish granted: Her latest drop “Flowers” is giving a watered-down version of Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive.” Yup, in case you missed the memo, the singer-actress finally returns from her two-year musical hiatus with a song about the beauty of independence and self-worth. It’s the first single from her upcoming March album “Endless Summer Vacation.”

“Peanut Butter Crackers” by Astronauts (feat. Lukpeach)

In today’s episode of “Asian musical acts that deserve more recognition,” meet Singapore-based band Astronauts and Thai indie singer-songwriter Lukpeach. They collaborated on a chill R&B song called “Peanut Butter Crackers” which, scientifically speaking, is ideal for morning commutes as minimal music in general can calm the nerves and reduce stress.

“Vibe” by Taeyang (feat. Jimin of BTS)

The year has just begun, but we’ve already been served the collaboration of the year. “Vibe” by Taeyang (feat. Jimin of BTS) is a retro dance track that marks his first solo comeback after completing his mandatory military service—and it truly is a vibe. Taeyang starts it off slow and sweet with subtle synthpop elements before it transitions into a drum-heavy instrumental for the verses. (NGL, the short pause before the chorus’ beat drop has me in a chokehold.)

“Filipina Killa” by Zae

Zae (a.k.a the female act behind TikTok hit “Serve”) is back with another self-assured and self-empowered rap single titled “Filipina Killa.” And honestly, it would be a challenge not to confidently strut the (barely walkable) city streets and twerk unprovoked while listening to it.

Now, if you’re curious about her creative process and OG dreams, you can check out our exclusive Backstage interview with the badass Filipina rapper.

“Gitna” by One Click Straight

Fresh from One Click Straight’s self-titled sophomore album, “Gitna” is the epitome of “nostalgia meets pop culture” with its modern interpretation of the classic Y2K alternative rock sound.

Bonus: The third track from the same album “Hahayaan” isn’t exactly a new drop, but its lyrics perfectly fit the theme we’re aiming for. Exhibit one: “Paano ba sisimulan baguhin ang anyo? / Kupas na ang mga gabay / Umay na sa inyo.” Exhibit two: “Palaging dismayado / Palaging ’di kontento / At sino bang may makasalanan? / Kayo.”

“C’est Comme Ça” by Paramore

“C’est comme ça” (or “that’s just how it is” in English) is most likely what a person struggling with daily commute would say—tired, resigned, and almost ready to surrender to the system. But contrary to this mood, Paramore’s latest dance-punk track of the same French phrase is anything but; instead, its percussion-heavy production offers an instant serotonin boost.

“White Toyota” by SunKissed Lola

I know it’s borderline impossible to romanticize commute trips, especially when you have to stand for hours on a crowded bus, but SunKissed Lola’s “White Toyota” is such a feel-good song with relatable lyrics that you might actually want to mentally—or physically, we won’t judge (your fellow passengers probably would, though)—dance through traffic jams.

“I ≠ DOLL” by Huh Yunjin of Le Sserafim

Considering the toxic entertainment culture in South Korea in which celebrities are criticized for every move they make, nothing’s more powerful than a K-pop idol—a female rookie at that—calling it out. In her self-produced single “I ≠ DOLL,” Huh Yunjin of Le Sserafim addresses ridiculous beauty standards and fan expectations. Lyrics aside, though, its Disney soft rock vibes would make you feel like a strong and independent protagonist who could conquer the worst of commuter gridlocks.


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Photos from “I ≠ DOLL” MV, “One Click Straight” album art, and “Flowers” MV


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