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5 women-led youth orgs to look out for if you’re promoting change


Women’s Month has come to an end but that doesn’t mean our support for women also stops as we jump onto April (a.k.a. stress awareness month). And when we say supporting women, we mean recognizing the contributions of women-led youth organizations that uphold and promote their respected advocacies.

As we cap off Women’s History Month, we list women-led youth organizations in the Philippines that you can support or follow. Turn your notifications on just in case they call for sign-ups.

Thallo Manila

“Make dreams real.” This is the quote that will greet you upon navigating the web page of youth organization Thallo Manila. Adhering to what these words truly mean, this women-led org “gives underdogs a real chance” to pursue their dream businesses, particularly aiding the wives of the victims of extrajudicial killings, through a microloan livelihood program. 

Thallo Manila’s microloan program is now on its seventh cycle. Depending on their assessment of the beneficiary, the org may lend at least P2,000 up to P10,000 worth of business loans. “Before a cycle begins, we ensure each woman’s business plan is sound and doable for them,” Thallo Manila write on Instagram. And based on their transparency report, all of the women from the previous cycles have repaid their microloans in full. “No joke, we have a 100 percent success rate,” their website notes

Besides this, Thallo Manila has also been creating content that delivers information about different societal issues since 2019. They have also hosted an open-mic fundraiser in Sept. 2022, where all proceeds were used to fund their microloan livelihood program.

For donations and collaborations, you may reach out to Thallo Manila at [email protected]. Head over here for their socials: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and official website.


Women-led org Silong aims to be part of the solution to the endless issues that affect the lives of animals, whether wild or domestic.

Unleashing “pawtential” to create a cruelty-free environment, Silong commits to providing awareness on animal safety and proper pet care, and giving assistance to local animal shelters and owners through fundraisers. As stated on their Instagram page, Silong remarks: “No matter if you are still a student, it will not limit you from standing up for what you believe in.”

Silong was founded in Jan. 2022. Marking their first year of volunteering, the organization held an IRL seminar and supported more than five shelters in the Philippines through their fundraising work titled “Project Alaga” and other charity sales. Continuing this cause, Silong has recently established a shop called Sincerely, Silong, where profits will be used to extend their efforts and contributions in supporting animal welfare.

For donations and collaborations, you may reach out to Silong at [email protected]. Head over here for their socials: Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

The Likha Org

Founded in July 2020, The Likha Org was formed by three women students of Saint Pedro Poveda College—Victoria Arnedo, Lucile Kierulf, and Annika Morales—who have a mutual calling for initiating a cause towards a more open and accessible environment for Filipinos with disabilities. 

“Persons with disabilities are everywhere around us. And yet, they end up being the most neglected, discriminated, and judged. Likha makes it its primary goal to put an end to this,” states their web page.

Likha’s main drive is to produce awareness campaigns about the reality of persons with disabilities on social media. They have already launched a donation drive in 2022, Project Karding, for the victims of Typhoon Noru (Karding). Its core team is currently extending their work, which include outreach programs, educational talks, and PWD merchs.

If you have the same calling as Victoria, Lucile, and Annika, The Likha Org is currently open for ambassadorship. You just need to message them on Facebook or Instagram.

For partnerships and general inquiries, you may reach out to Likha at [email protected].

Sulong! Philippines (formerly known as Project Sulong)

Amid rising reports of sexual harassment and assault in the Philippines, Sulong! seeks to provide aid for victims and survivors of sexual violence. The org was launched in 2020, creating and mobilizing a network, partnering with clinics, volunteer lawyers, and women’s rights organizations to assist victim-survivors to professional legal and psychosocial aid, free of charge.

Among Sulong!’s advocacies are the eradication of violence against different genders, and the emancipation of women and LGBTQ+ people locally and internationally. “If nobody will take care of us, we can and we will take care of ourselves,” Sulong! states in their anniversary report.

With Sulong!’s initiatives, the women-led organization received a grant in 2021 from Feminist Review Trust, a UK-based organization that supports projects for the welfare of women. In the same year, they were awarded as one of the 10 accomplished youth organizations. The Philippine Mental Health Association also recognized their contributions by granting Sulong! the Women Empowerment and Support Community Pillar Award.

For donations and collaborations, you may reach out to Sulong! Philippines through their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and official website.

The Butterfly Effect Philippines

The Butterfly Effect Philippines (TBE) envisions a world where all citizens are well-informed on societal issues and are driving for justice. That is why their mission is to “create ripples of social change, one flutter at a time.”

Since their launch in 2020, the women-led organization has provided social media information campaigns on current events as they aim to serve as a reliable source of news. They believe that even the littlest acts of human service will create a significant impact on society.

In 2021 and 2022, TBE spearheaded fundraisers for several marginalized sectors in the Philippines: The Balik Lingkod Para Sa Mga Kumakayod Program (BLK Program), a fundraiser for jeepney drivers from Calamba, Laguna, and farmers from Pangasinan, Tarlac, and Misamis Oriental; LIPAD: Para sa Sandaang San Roque, a donation drive that aimed to aid 100 families in Sitio San Roque; and Mula sa Bituin ni Mariposa, a tarot card reading fundraiser for the NGO Bahay ni Maria Orphanage and for cancer patient Maryknoll Vanguardia.

For collaborations and general inquiries, you may reach out to The Butterfly Effect Philippines at [email protected]. Follow their socials here: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

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