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We got spooked by these 10 details of Joshua Garcia’s new horror film

We got spooked by these 10 details of Joshua Garcia’s new horror film

Diaries usually exist to chronicle our growing up woes. Whether it’s being in momentary despair over flunking an examination, processing a friendship breakup, or figuring out major (in a teenager’s book, at least) decisions, free writing on the pages perfectly captures our younger selves’ horrors. Inside Gilberto “Galo” Manansala’s journal, though, lies a more literal kind of horror—probably bigger than what a college student can handle.

“Masama na naman ‘yung panaginip ko kanina,” (I had another nightmare a while ago) says Galo (played by Joshua Garcia) via voice-over as the newly released trailer of “Ang Mga Kaibigan ni Mama Susan” opens. We see the flipping of a journal page dated 1999, sending us ominous energy of what’s to come. 

After our long wait, the movie adaptation of Bob Ong’s (classroom favorite) horror-mystery novel is finally coming this May 18. While we’re sad about the fact that we won’t see it in local cinemas, we’ll make sure to make the most out of the streaming experience. But we do have some burning questions: Should we watch it alone or with our equally faint-of-heart friends? Can we survive without pillows nearby? Do we need to keep the lights on? Should we have toilet breaks, mainly because we wouldn’t be able to go to the bathroom out of nervousness after the credits?

To give ourselves an overview, we go back to the trailer, try not to close our eyes, and spot the top 10 details that gave us goosebumps. (Well, it’s a Chito Roño film, after all.) Here’s a peek into what Galo experienced as he left Manila to visit his sick grandmother Mama Susan, a religious group leader, in her hometown. 

  • Thanks to that backpack-pulling woman (who probably majored in jumpscares), I have one additional source of paranoia while walking the streets at night. 
  • I honestly wouldn’t last 30 seconds in that room shown in 0:35. Just say, “You can’t sit with us,” and I’d be happy to leave. 
  • Having random eye contact with strangers can already be unbearable, but the scene in 0:38 is a whole different level.
  • Those lying on the floor in 0:49 is giving… bombastic side eye, but make it eerie.
  • Maybe the trailer is tricking us right now, but I can’t understand Galo’s calmness upon waking up to a chant. They’re literally gathered around you, dude.
  • Uhh… we usually write labels like “sugar” and “pickles” on jars, not our names? 
  • I’ve been okay with Mama Susan’s murky warnings throughout the trailer—well, that is until she says, “Malapit na ang katapusan.” (The end is near) Poor Galo never got a break. 
  • When I was a kid, I remember being so fascinated with the Filipino bugtong. But I was advised by the elders not to recite them, because they say that people usually exchange riddles during wakes. I wonder what Galo has to say about this. 
  • Whoever you are in 1:45, please stay at least five kilometers away from me. 
  • It seems like everything in this house is alive. 

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