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A Scene-by-Scene Breakdown Of The New X-Men: Apocalypse Trailer

A Scene-by-Scene Breakdown Of The New X-Men: Apocalypse Trailer

While everyone’s going crazy over Captain America: Civil War (which is getting good reviews all across the board; we’ll have ours pretty soon, so stay tuned) 20th Century Fox put out their newest trailer for that other big Marvel property this summer. It was a relatively quiet release for the new teaser for X-Men: Apocalypse, and it’s a full two minutes of glorious nerdgasms.

We’re here to break it down for you once again, and if you haven’t seen it yet, here it is:


You good? Good. Let’s begin!

scene 1

scene 2

We begin with a conversation at the newly-reopened Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters. You know, the dilapidated old building Wolverine found Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) and Hank McCoy (Nicholas Hoult) back in Days of Future Past? Thanks to the success of their efforts in that movie, Charles has reopened the school for… you know… gifted young mutants. As you can see, there’s a new first class. The second first class, if you will.

Charles is telling Raven (Jennifer Lawrence) that “things are better. The world is better.”

scene 3

Raven isn’t buying it, though. “Just because there’s not a war,” she says, “doesn’t mean there’s peace. He’s coming.” Her statement could be taken to mean the general racism and distrust non-mutants have for muties, but the last part implies that they’re still watching out—not for Apocalypse, because they don’t know him yet, but for Erik (Michael Fassbender). Magneto. He’s still out there, and he still ain’t happy with Charles and the gang.

Also, it’s pretty interesting that Raven isn’t blue to begin with here.

scene 4

Production companies’ logos follow!

scene 5

We are now taken to what looks like an ancient Egyptian temple. We know where this is going.

scene 6

“Some call him Apocalypse,” says Moira MacTaggert (Rose Byrne) in a voiceover. We’re seeing a bunch of priests attempt what looks like a resurrection of En Sabah Nur. “He was some kind of… god.” This ritual they’re doing turns the human into what he’s known to look like.

scene 7

scene 8

“For thousands of years,” she continues, “he was amassing mutants to take their powers.”

scene 10


“He always had four followers.” And with that, we’re treated to the first looks at these four followers, which everyone all knows eventually end up being part of the good guy X-Men.

scene 11

(Young, non-Halle Berry) Storm (Alexandra Shipp).

scene 12

Angel (Ben Hardy).

scene 13

Psylocke (Olivia Munn).

scene 14

And, of course, Magneto himself.

“Like the Four Horsemen?” someone else says.

scene 15

Yes. Exactly like the Four Horsemen. EXACTLY.

“Erik, don’t join them,” Charles pleads.

scene 16

“Whatever you think you saw in me,” Erik replies, “I buried it with my family.”

scene 19

“Together,” Apocalypse says, “we will cleanse the Earth. Everything they built will fall!” SHIT IS GOING CRAZY. WE DON’T KNOW HOW HE’S DOING IT, BUT HE’S WRECKING EVERYTHING.

scene 20

“And from the ashes of their world, we’ll build a better one!”

scene 21

If you want to depict the whole world going to hell, here’s a shot of the SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE BEING DESTROYED.

scene 22

“I’ve never felt power like this before,” says Charles as he either sees the destruction or just surveys Apocalypse’s might using Cerebro.

scene 23

Charles and Apocalypse fight one-on-one. Apocalypse somehow manages to grow in size and beats Charles, taking him away somewhere.

scene 24

Here’s our first shot of Havok (Lucas Till). The Summers brothers are going to play a pretty distinct role here, but obviously the more popular Summers brother gets more screen time. You’ll see him later.

scene 25

“Raven,” says Hank, “the world needs the X-Men.” So there seems to be some conflict over the leadership and straight up existence of the X-Men after Charles is taken away. Also, why isn’t Hank blue right now?

scene 26

“I’m not a hero,” says Raven.

“Students look up to you,” answers Hank.

There you go—Raven will be leading the kids while daddy’s gone. Now she finally turns blue. “If I’m going to teach your kids something,” she says, “I’m going to teach them how to fight.”

scene 27

We now get our first looks at the young versions of the other prominent X-Men. Here’s Sophie Turner’s Jean Grey, with a really weird-looking forehead.

scene 28

Aaand here’s Havok’s brother Scott (Tye Sheridan). You know him better as Cyclops, as though the red stunnas didn’t give that away already.

scene 29

Heeere’s Nightcrawler (Kodi Smit-McPhee), who can teleport. (Wonder if they’ll say that he can teleport because he’s really passing through Hell.)

scene 30

scene 31

Nightcrawler being Raven’s son is hinted at in this scene, with Kurt seemingly not being able to believe who he’s seeing. “You’re her,” he tells Mystique.

scene 32

We also see our first look at Quicksilver (Evan Peters) in this movie. Pietro/Peter has finally deduced that Magneto is his daddy, and he tells Raven.

“Magneto?” he says. “He’s my father.”

scene 33


“My mom, they did-“

“-no, I know.”

scene 34


scene 35

“Not all of us can control our powers,” says Scott.

“Then don’t,” says Raven. #YOLO!

scene 36


scene 37

Storm’s lightning and Cyclops’s optic blast meet in the middle, resulting in this awesome scene.

scene 38

Apocalypse makes all the world’s nukes launch. It’s like First Class all over again. “Apocalypse means to destroy this world,” says Charles. No shit, Sherlock.

“It’s all of us against a god,” someone says. No shit again.

scene 39

scene 40

scene 41

A quick montage of the Four Horsemen, ending with Psylocke’s distinctive purple energy blades.

scene 43

It’s her versus Beast in the fight, and she just misses stabbing Hank’s foot, giving him this strange smile. Could this mean that she’s not all mind-controlled by Apocalypse?

scene 45

A quick montage of scenes, and we see that mutant-hating military douche William Stryker is back.

scene 46

Aaaaand our first shot of Jubilee! *cue X-Men cartoon theme*

scene 47

“Forget everything you think you know,” says Raven to the kids. “None of that matters.”

scene 48

Here’s what looks like a refurbished Blackbird.

scene 49


scene 50

“You’re not students anymore.”

scene 51

“I’ll take everything from them,” says Broody Erik.

scene 52

“You’re X-Men,” says Raven. Here’s Havok giving out his energy blasts in what seems to be an attack. Could this be the scene of his demise, as Cyclops takes over his rightful role as One of the Faces of the X-Men?

scene 53


scene 54


scene 55


But wait, there’s more.

scene 56

Raven and Quicksilver find Cyclops and Jean in this bunker, with a trail of bodies on the floor.

“Well, you’ve been busy,” says Raven.

“We had a… little help,” says Scott.

scene 59

FWING! Money shot. Because what’s an X-Men movie without Wolverine? Now I’m interested to see how he’s going to be introduced to the X-Men; if you remember, as of the past setting in Days of Future Past he still hasn’t joined Team Xavier. We have a guess, though, and it lies in his shiny new adamantium claws—it looks like this is him breaking out of wherever they’re holding him for the Weapon X program that gave him his adamantium skeleton.

The rebooted X-Men franchise is honestly the best Marvel thing Fox has done in recent memory, and while DoFP isn’t as celebrated as First ClassApocalypse looks like it’s going to be a whole lot of fanboy-directed fun. Introducing new but totally familiar characters (read: all the characters casual fans have been looking for) is the next logical step in the cinematic X-Men story, and we can’t wait to see how the new mantle-wearers handle the classic roles they’ve been given.

X-Men: Apocalypse hits theaters on May 27.



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