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6 shows and series the Scout team couldn’t help but binge-watch in 2023


Whatever’s happening in our lives, there always has to be a TV show or series that we feel the need to consume. Whether it’s to go on yet another “Friends” rewatch (especially after learning of Matthew Perry’s passing this year) or the casual binge of yet another intriguing K-Drama we’re willing to lose sleep for (shoutout to “Mask Girl”), these titles in one way or another always make it into our routines. 

From stories that make us ponder on our existence to tales that cause the birth of theory discussions, here’s a list of the 2023 shows and series the Scout team couldn’t (and still can’t) get enough of.

“The Summer I Turned Pretty” (season two)

It might be safe to say that “The Summer I Turned Pretty” had the internet in a chokehold during the summer. Its second season’s episodes aired weekly, and viewers talked about it a lot, skyrocketing the careers of its cast members Lola Tung (Belly Conklin), Chris Briney (Conrad Fisher), and Gavin Casalegno (Jeremiah Fisher)—not only as this generation’s love triangle, but future stars. Apart from their trending clips online and the healthy #TeamConrad or #TeamJeremiah debate, the series also touched on issues that its fanbase and viewership could benefit from like the different ways people cope with the loss of a loved one, respecting pronouns, and moving forward. 

Clara, junior content creator

“Simula sa Gitna”

If someone told me a few years back that Filipino teleseryes were worthy of my screen time, I would’ve scoffed at the thought and disagree. But 2023 is truly Philippine television’s redemption era, with “Simula sa Gitna” being my favorite among the bunch. With only six episodes, it’s the perfect bite-sized binge for those with a short attention span. It paints an image of the afterlife should it be patterned after the (dirty) political systems of the mortal world. Satire but make it angsty and otherworldly—that’s practically what this mini series is. (Oh, and by the way, it was inspired by the 2018 film “Hintayan ng Langit” starring Eddie Garcia and Gina Pareño.)

– Kleo, junior content creator

“My Demon” (ongoing)

There are still six episodes left in the queue as of writing, but I can already feel the post-series longing once “My Demon” ends in Jan. 2024. This visually stunning K-drama top billed by power duo Song Kang (“Nevertheless,” “Sweet Home”) and Kim Yoo-jung (“20th Century Girl,” “Backstreet Rookie”) is producing never-ending theories—and some of the hypotheses evolve and transform with each episode release. 

Yes, it seemingly ticks off the boxes of An Object Of Fixation kind of show: as a peculiar plot involving a 200-year-old demon losing powers, lets you follow an intriguing crime plot, and bursts with chemistry? Check, check, and check. But the biggest charm of the show is its take on the supernatural, the afterlife, and the weaknesses of mortal beings. Song Kang’s character might be the assigned demon in this realm, yet there might be others who are more worthy of the textbook devil label.

Jelou, associate editor

“Scott Pilgrim Takes Off”

I admit: This wasn’t what I was expecting, but damn, this was so good. As a fan of the “Scott Pilgrim” pop culture phenomenon, I thought I was getting the story right from the visual novel, but the animated series just serves surprises, taking the adventure to another level. With its creative efforts in tackling the multiverse and “what ifs,” enticing details, plus its heavily alluring soundtrack and visuals, my viewing experience was nothing short of fulfilling. 

– Mikey, multimedia artist

“Senior High” (ongoing)

Despite not making the best first impression with the initial release of its teaser online (that did not at all provide enough context to what the plot of the series would be about), “Senior High” successfully broke the initial perception social media had about them as the story unfolded. More than a “Euphoria” or “Elite” Filipino remake, “Senior High” tackles timely and sensitive topics in a way that is still digestible for families to be able to watch it together during prime time without sticking to the prime time formula. Themes about mental health, substance use, physical and emotional abuse, sexual violence, corruption, cheating, and identity discovery have been touched on, all the while fans are kept on their toes as the mystery surrounding Luna’s death still gets uncovered. 

– Clara, junior content creator

“The Last Of Us”

“The Last of Us” is one of the few effective adaptations that exist. If you’re familiar with the game, it definitely offers an immersive experience you’ll appreciate, as you’ll encounter recognizable places, dialogue, and other details. But don’t worry if you’re new to the whole story, as the clean slate is also easy to get invested in. 

When I watched this, it felt like I was just playing and watching a cinematic cutscene from the game.

– Mikey, multimedia artist

Stills from the trailers of “Simula sa Gitna” and “Scott Pilgrim Takes Off”



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