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Just A List Of Shows And Exhibits About The Martial Law Thingy For Millennials

Just A List Of Shows And Exhibits About The Martial Law Thingy For Millennials

It’s September 21, or 22, 23, or even the 17th. We may not be exactly sure about the date but there is a date to remember. It’s not a national holiday. It doesn’t feel like one. I took my classes seriously back in high school, but today, and the days before this day doesn’t really ring a bell.  Did we talk about something during homeroom? Were there banners and tarpaulins on classroom wall? Did we make as special dioarama? Did we watch a film? We didn’t cut class, that’s for sure.

Coincidentally, there are a number of shows and exhibits that talk about Martial Law this month. Weird right? It’s as if this month, heck this day has something to do with this Martial Law thingy.

Sound of Silence: Remembering Martial Law

The curatorial note for this exhibit by Edgar Talusan Fernandez goes like this:“Yet with the annual remembrances [of martial law], have they actually been effective warnings? The increasing number of millennials in social media choosing to exalt figures behind martial law while remaining practically ignorant of what actually transpired during the period of martial rule is telling. Has it all been one big case of message ‘not delivered’ or has this period in Philippine history been seenzoned?”


If social realism is your thing, head out to the NCCA Gallery until the end of the month, and you can reach the NCCA galleryby calling 5272192 or e-mailing [email protected]. Find out more about the exhibit here.

Never Again: Voices of Martial Law

If you’re into theater, it’s fair to say that you’ll be definitely enjoying this festival of six one-act plays from the group Ladies Who Launch.



In an interview with Lifestyle Inquirer, Dramaturg Glen Sevilla Mas puts “Never Again” as a response to current events. “I never thought we’d revisit these dark times in our history again but the times demand that we do,” Mas says. “So we’re doing it.”

Find out more about the event here and check their Facebook page out here. “Never Again” runs Sept. 23-Oct. 16 at Bantayog ng mga Bayani Auditorium.

Katips: Ang Mga Bagong Katipunero, A Rock Filipino Musical

A musical set in the ’70s? Count me in.


“Watch out for the biggest musical event of 2016. A story which will revisit the darkest era of our history with an advocacy of educating the millenials and toppling history revisionism,” says writer and director of “Katips,” Vince Tanada in a Facebook post.

“Katips” has the following schedule from today until the end of September:
22 – SM NORTHEDSA Cinema 9, 8am, 11am, 2pm, 5pm
25 – SM NORTHEDSA Cinema 9, 8am, 11am
30 – SM STAMESA Cinema 1, 8am, 11am, 2pm

So free up your weekend, bring your friends, and watch a show or check out the exhibit because all of these happenings are for us millennials. Neat, right? Time to find out what this Martial Law thingy is all about.


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