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We’re Sick Of Ending Emails The Usual Way, So We Used Song Lyrics

We’re Sick Of Ending Emails The Usual Way, So We Used Song Lyrics

Okay, as if we don’t know already, ending your emails with “best,” sucks balls. Nobody likes it. Literally nobody. People shudder when they read it. It’s the valediction that predates barfing. It’s a worse crime than wearing socks with sandals. Alec Baldwin’s character in 30 Rock would fire you right where you stand if he finds your name below that line of text. Anybody who wants to work their way up the corporate chain, let alone keep their job, should stop themselves from ending their emails with that anti-buzzword lest they lose any respect. The same goes with “regards,” “thanks,” and “cheers.”

What’s the alternative? Nothing? Don’t be so callous. In a world of instant messaging, emails may be the only sanctuary of ornate and flowery writing, the last bastion of romanticized letter-sending several notches above the Hallmark card. What textual perfume do we lace our letters of recommendation, inquiry, and request? How will we hide our passive-aggressiveness in our virtual conversations?

And we at Scout thought: how about song lyrics? It’s subtle enough to still be business-like, but quirky enough for the recipient to raise his or her eyebrow, depending on the words. We only receive and send so much emails everyday and seeing something as unique as a different email sign-off may wake us up a little. Plus, it’s cool if the recipient knows the song, especially if it’s trangera total s. It’s like inserting a little bit of small talk, a little something something you two (and everyone else CCed and BCCed) have in common. It’s an icebreaker that sets off at the end, dispelling any cruel words you left off prior. It’s the tip of the cake of your sweet proposal. There’s a lot to play around with, and as many songs there are in this big wide world, there are more email signoffs to choose from.

We asked our coworkers and cohorts on what theirs would be, and the answers are pretty funny.


“Girly biddy bye bye, don’t tell a lie,”
– Pepi

“Drop it like it’s hot,”
– Grace

“Ride or die,”
– Denise

“Better check yo self before wreck yo self,”
– Yayie Motos, Graphic Artist, custom department

Gabi-gabi ay nasa disco,”
– Olivia Estrada, Editorial Assistant,

“Say what you need to say,”
– Cel Gavino, Production

“I may be young but I’m ready,”
– Jacque de Borja, Managing Editor,

“Chasing waterfalls,”
– Nimu Muallam, Creative Director, Hinge Inquirer

– Tammy David, Photographer, Videographer, Content Strategist

“I’m a genie in a bottle,”
– Denise Alcantara, Managing Editor, Northern Living, Southern Living, Cebu Living

“Bitch, don’t kill my vibe,”
– Danica, Graphic Artist, Southern Living

“I ain’t fuckin’ with you,”
– RJ, Entrepreneur/Banker

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