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You Can’t Comment “Look At This F*cking Bird” On Facebook

You Can’t Comment “Look At This F*cking Bird” On Facebook

So, apparently you can’t comment “Look at this fucking bird” on Facebook. Try it. Try it on any post. Play around with it. The social media giant won’t let you:



Their anti-spam algorithms at work. Oh, and you can’t comment the whole Bee Movie script there either. Bummer. Ever since letting go of its human editors, Facebook users have been seeing a huge difference on their feeds.

The big question is why can’t we say “Look at this fucking bird”? Is it because of the fire duck meme? How has that offended anyone’s sensibilities? Good job, Facebook. You’re making social media a safe space. Oh wait, I see videos of people getting pummelled on Facebook at least once a week. I saw an ad with a screenshot of a Facebook post of some foreign guy looking for someone to marry. Like what the fuck?

What’s the deal with Facebook’s content policy? Just this week, an ad for breast cancer awareness by the Swedish Cancer Society was taken down by Facebook because the ad “can not market sex products or services nor adults products or services.” Where on the Facebook community guidelines is memeposting not allowed, while videos of people dying are free to view? Where are we going to have our fun? And more importantly, where are we going to be safe from actual harfmul content in Facebook?

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