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Interior Design for Millennials 101: Bringing Your Favorite House Pegs to Life

Interior Design for Millennials 101: Bringing Your Favorite House Pegs to Life

By Rach Acorda
Photos courtesy of HEIMA Home & Lifestyle and Mara Manalo

Congratulations! After years living in a room with kid posters and bright colored furniture that suited your style when you were nine, you’ve finally decided to hit that refresh button for a fun and suave design screaming a more grown-up version of you.


But like any fellow millennial who has zero knowledge on interior design, you’d be wondering: “Where do I start? What do I buy? I just want my friends to envy my room, ‘ya feel?”

We totally understand. Creating a new place can be daunting but HEIMA and Mara Manalo, a millennial interior designer and production designer, are here to save us with five simple tips and ideas to making your room have that #aesthetic.

  1. Figure out your needs and wants. Think about the function the space needs to fulfill and the vibe you’re after. (Protip: take your time on drowning yourself in Pinterest boards and scouting local items from HEIMA. Their classic Scandinavian style might just be the ultimate design peg of the century that may suit your style. Seriously, talk about those perfect Pantone pairings, though!)
  2. Study your everyday habits and pattern your layout after how you move within the space.
  3. Get resourceful and work with what you have. Print your Instagram photos and make a big wall collage. Put your vinyl collection on display. Let the space reflect your personality.
  4. Invest in quality pieces. Take it slow, save up for what you really like because they’ll be around for the long haul.
  5. Don’t be afraid to play and experiment! You’re a creative millennial, after all.

Interior designer Mara Manalo

Still don’t know where to start? Luckily, HEIMA’s got a lot of new stuff for you to check out. Filed under: Instagram-worthy aesthetic meets happy and inspirational mind space, it’s too good to be true when you can finally turn your place into a haven of great vibes and personality. Their fresh 2017 collection yet brings quality range that lives up to their tagline, “Design made happy,” with their local craftsmanship, individuality, and touch of eccentricity bringing out the artist in everyone. They even extend their range of accessories for your daily needs as well (2017 planners, anyone?).

With HEIMA and Mara’s tips, we’re pretty sure your old room will turn into this design-envy, classy millennial space that you’d want (and your guests) to keep coming back to. So what are you waiting for?

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