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The Converse One Star pop-up in photos

The Converse One Star pop-up in photos

The Converse One Star pop-up at DULO last April 6 wasn’t just a Friday night gathering, but an affirmation of something people in the know already knew: the local scene is bustling with creative energy and personal expression. The pop-up started with a T-shirt designing workshop with the One Star “collectives” and their guests, followed by an open party that lasted well into the night. Attendees from different social circles and scenes convened to celebrate what the #RatedOneStar campaign is all about: going against the grain and looking good while doing it. Rjay Ty and Bawal Clan, Moophs, Butta B, and Jess Connelly took the stage to channel the room’s energy and needless to say, it was one heck of a night. Check the highlights below:









































































































Check our coverage in our Twitter and Instagram pages for our coverage of the event. Photos by Kris Villano for The Visual Club.


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