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Nobody Likes The New Update, Messenger

Nobody Likes The New Update, Messenger

I was in the middle of using Messenger this morning when the screen turns to a camera with a familiar but vaguely different interface. Did I open Snapchat? Nope, I was still on the same app:

How rude. As I explored the salad of an interface more, i realized: it’s just like Snapchat. It’s exactly just like Snapchat — with the face filters and doodles. And it’s the most unwarranted, least expected update to Messenger of all apps.

But I don’t blame Mr. Zuckbergerg for trying. 1 billion people use the app frequently, and with Snapchat being the biggest threat to the Facebook empire, it’s natural to go on the offensive. But you failed dude. I’ll give it to you straight: I don’t need frequent visual updates from everyone on my Facebook friends list. I don’t care for all that. Instagram was too much as it is, in my opinion. Snapchat still keeps its edge from its conception: the secretive aspect of sending photos to people you chose to follow. The filters and the stickers are secondary.

Just look at how people are riled up:

What’s your next move Zuckerberg? Are you going to take this huge L and move on or are you going to innovate? @ me at @lexcereal.


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