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‘The Umbrella Academy’ is back, but where are the Hargreeves?

Editor’s note: Warning, this article might contain spoilers. 

Time to rise from the dead, “The Umbrella Academy” stans! Netflix posted teaser posters for Gerard Way’s show today. And it’s official, the second season is coming soon. 

Color us hyped for season two and all, but we have to ask: Where the hell are The Hargreeves siblings?

The first key image of “The Umbrella Academy” asks us this question. As you all know, we left season one with a huge cliffhanger. The season ended with Five (Aidan Gallagher) using time-travel to save his six siblings. Great, that means they’re reunited (and it feels so good), right? Right?

Damn, even we don’t know at this point. But we’re dying to find out. 

Right now, all we got is a teaser image of the siblings wearing ugly Christmas sweaters. Are we getting a Christmas special this season? Maybe so. But knowing “The Umbrella Academy,” an innocent X-mas photo can be a sinister, painful episode in disguise. 

If they are basing this on the comic book, the plot for its next season would probably involve The Kennedy Assassination, like in “The Umbrella Academy: Dallas.” We have that going for us. But who knows? They went off comic book with season one’s ending—and they’ll probably do it again this season.

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Check out the teasers below and put on a tinfoil hat. It’s conspiracy time, motherfuckers!

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