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The NBA Just Released A Facebook Messenger Chatbot For The Finals

The NBA Just Released A Facebook Messenger Chatbot For The Finals

By Nico Pascual
Images: Facebook Messenger

The 2016 NBA finals is now ongoing and if you didn’t manage to catch the latest game live, you can always try the next best thing. The NBA is the latest company to ride on the wave of chat bots integrated into Facebook Messenger. As Facebook demonstrated last April, their system could serve as a handy tool for businesses to interact with their customers. In this case, the NBA just released a chat bot which allows you to be updated with the latest plays, highlights, and information from the ongoing NBA playoff games. You can even search for a specific player and the chat bot will instantly show you his highlights.

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It’s a handy tool, and with the NBA finals underway, it might just be a lifesaver for those who are on the go and want to follow the series. We were hoping that it could also feature a live box score, or push notifications. But for now, enjoy the curated goodness all in the comfort of your Facebook Messenger chatbox.

You can try out the chat bot here or you can search for NBA in your Facebook Messenger app. Enjoy!



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