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The #ScoutxCSB Campus Tour 2017 In Photos

The #ScoutxCSB Campus Tour 2017 In Photos

Last May 17, we had our second leg of our Scout Campus Tour at where else but De La Salle-College of St. Benilde. It’s been two years since we last visited, but we’ve been received with the same vibrant energy as last time. Need proof? We got receipts. Let’s take a look at what went down in photos, categorized by what we’re thankful for:

The activities:

Just look at all the smiling faces. Aside from our Scout x Proudrace merchandise booth, we also had our Scout Gallery featuring the works of artist from St. Benilde, and other cool activities ranging from our photo booth to our giant Jenga blocks and twister game.

The talks:

This year, we’re breaking away from the fun for a little bit to deliver some knowledge to all of you. We are in an academic institution, right? This time, we invited illustrator Dani Chuatico and Russ Vergara of Vgrafiks to deliver a talk on their profession, as well as a short Q&A from us.

Dani Chuatico shared her personal story on how she got into the business of doing illustrations and also gave a starter guide for anyone who wants to do the same. Follow her on Twitter at @bedmosslife


We’re big fans of Vgrafiks, and we’re thankful Russ Vergara took the time to deliver a talk on how he got into graphic design, the history of Vgrafiks, and what they’re currently up to right now. They have big projects coming up, and you can take a look at

Of course, we also gave a talk which is basically an introduction to what Scout is all about. We also opened the floor to all sorts of questions we received during the event. If you have any more questions, don’t be afraid to send us a message on social media.

The music:

We dedicated another whole article to talk about the up-and-coming musical acts of that afternoon, and again we’d like to thank them for making our afternoon. We also like to thank BP Valenzuela, who capped off the night with a set of songs, old and new. See you at the Scout Music Fest, BP!

The sponsors:

Where would we be without our sponsors? Thank you Pioneer Mighty Bond for adding color to our Scout Wall, and for the freebies too! And thank you to Reef for their cool water pong game. Hope to see you at the next leg!

Moving on, we’d like to congratulate the 2018 graduating batch of DLSU-CSB, starting with their 2018 yearbook, entitled “Classic,” launching this afternoon. The highlights: struggle, challenge, hope, and success that changed them. The yearbook aims to make each story a ‘classic’ and to celebrate it with an old school aesthetic. Congratulations, guys!


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