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6 freshly released Korean indie and rap songs you need to listen to

6 freshly released Korean indie and rap songs you need to listen to

The past week has been a damn good week for Korean indie and hip-hop. We have solid releases from hip-hop and R&B artists like the trio Jazzyfact, solo musician DEAN, rapper Loco, and a couple independent producers like The Black Skirts. I don’t remember a week wherein this much good K-indie music has been dropped all at the same time.

But hey, we aren’t complaining. There’s always room for fresh tracks on our playlists. Go ahead and add these songs to yours:

1. “love” – DEAN ft. Syd

It’s like DEAN is unable to produce a bad song. This singer-songwriter has done it again with “love,” incorporating some contagious beat with suggestive lyrics (you’ll know once you listen to this track in full). Here’s to hoping he’s coming back to Manila with a full-blown concert this time. #stanrealtalentDEAN

2. “하루종일” – Jazzyfact

We’re all bummed that Beenzino is set to do his mandatory military service, but man, did he go out with a bang. He dropped an album with his hip-hop trio Jazzyfact on the day of his enlistment, because he can. The lead single is an ‘80s-inspired track filled with reverb and heavy synth and it’s absolutely magical.

3. “Who Do You Love” – The Black Skirts

The Black Skirts is pretty much an icon in the Korean independent scene. One man band Bryan Cho is back this year with a haunting but beautiful song. Tablo has been hard at work to help out The Black Skirts with his music and it’s starting to show. Watch the music video for stunning cinematography.

4. “Too Much” – Loco ft. DEAN

Catchy AF. “Too Much” is also a powerhouse of a song. You got Gray doing production, Loco for rap, and DEAN on vocals. From these credits alone, you know there’s no going wrong. Loco just dropped his full album a few days ago and it may as well be part of your summer playlist.

5. “Pretty” – MY Q

MY Q has been largely known for his light and sweet songs. After releasing slow evening anthem “Nite like Tonight” around a couple months ago, he put out follow up single “Pretty” right on time for summer in Korea. It’s fun, easy to listen to, and has cute lyrics fit for a soundtrack to a Korean rom-com series. Listen to the full song on Spotify.

6. “Fly” – Sik-K

This release, including the video, references a lot of Drake and Travis Scott and we’re loving it. Sik-K is officially on our list of Korean rappers to watch and it’s obvious that this guy has got a lot of potential to get big.



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