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10 struggles all newbies can relate to while learning makeup

10 struggles all newbies can relate to while learning makeup

By Samantha Clerigo

You know that feeling when a saleslady comes up to you and offers you her brand’s latest makeup products, but then you don’t even know where the hell these things go on your face? Yup, we’ve all been there…or for all the noobs like me, at least.

We spend all our paychecks or use up the money from our ninongs and ninangs just to buy these foreign objects whose names are far from the usual lipstick, foundation, concealer, and whatnot. We love the feeling of being on cloud nine as we effortlessly put winged eyeliner on our left lids right before thrashing around our bathrooms for messing up the right lids. We’ve watched tutorials, read makeup articles, and watched intently as makeup artists apply layers upon layers of product on our skin. But after all that, we still can’t do makeup properly.

Even if you’ve got all the money in the world to splurge on beauty stuff, nothing can ever prepare anyone for the emotional and crazed road to getting makeup right. We’re with you every step of the way though. Here’s a list of makeup misadventures–slash tiny accomplishments–that we makeup newbies could all relate to. May the makeup gods grant us strength and willpower to do better next time around.

1. Smearing foundation all over your face before moisturizing or putting primer.

We’re all guilty of doing this at least once. And the moment we did, we regretted it almost immediately. It’s literally the worst feeling in the world. In the sweltering heat of our country, foundation with no base clogs up our pores. This also usually leads to breakouts and rougher skin.

2. If you can put on your eyeliner perfectly, you can do anything you want.

To put or not to put eyeliner? Answering this question always depends on how much time we have. Eyeliner is always a “May the odds be ever in our favor” type of situation. Practice (and a lot of it) indeed makes perfect.

3. Contouring is a dilemma.

Deciding to contour our faces can either be the best thing that’s happened to us or it could just end up looking like dirt on our faces. There is no in-between.

4. Feeling accomplished when you dab some lip moisturizer before putting on some matte lipstick.

After watching some Youtube makeup tutorials, congratulations! We’ve finally gotten the hang of pampering our lips properly. Much wow.

5. Behold, the darkest brows the world has ever seen.

People have always said that one can never go wrong with a nice set of brows. But never underestimate the power of your eyebrows. Just remember not to make them look like you’ve drawn them on with a sharpie.

6. Eyelid primer is a thing?! Whaaaat?!

So there’s a primer for the face… and there’s a separate primer for the eyes. Looks like we’re really going to be spending all of our money then.

7. So apparently, “base shadow” exists.

A base shadow changes the whole game. Putting eyeshadow isn’t just about using random shades on the palette anymore. You actually have to put some thought over how to layer the colors. Makeup = hard work, people.

8. You can’t use your foundation as a concealer. Oops.

Concealer, foundation, powder–they all look the same, honestly.

9. Blending takes forever.

Why blend when you could look chic with those bold strokes of eyeshadow and contour, right? Wrong. Blending is key. Learn it and don’t afraid to go crazy with those beauty sponges and blenders!

10. Setting spray? Never heard of it.

There’s a spray to hold your makeup together? Are our faces hair? We don’t even know anymore.

At the end of everyone’s makeup journeys, in the end, it’s really all up to you. Whichever routine you decide to go for, as long as it makes you feel good, then you’re probably slayin’.



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