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Katarina Rodriguez on hobbies, success, and shopping

Katarina Rodriguez on hobbies, success, and shopping

As her stint in Asia’s Next Top Model and her winning run as Miss Intercontinental Philippines 2017 shows, Katarina Rodriguez is not just a pretty face but a woman of substance.

In this latest interview, we find out more about the award-winning personality away from the spotlight, from her daily musings to her success and the way she shops.

We learned that you’re a big reader. What books are you currently reading?
I just finished re-reading One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey and very much excited to start reading Men Without Women by Haruki Murakami.

You were in the DLSU Track and Field team. What are your favorite moments as an athlete?
I’d have to say the challenge to be disciplined. Hands down it’s quite tough to wake up before the sunrise every morning, get to the track and push all your energy out during training before most people even have breakfast!

Then there is the tempting choice of either hanging out with friends late night or going to bed at 9:00PM to ensure a solid eight hours sleep. I love the mind-over-body part of being an athlete, of really testing my limits and going above and beyond the normal.

When it comes to diet and fitness, do you ever have cheat days? What kinds of food do you get on your cheat day?
I do! I believe in the whole” eat whatever you want but train 110% every day“ philosophy. I generally eat pretty healthy and know my body more or less and how it reacts to certain foods. I’ve spent the last six years trying different diets and came to learn that it’s not the diet but the consistency and knowing what not to eat. I love burgers and eat one at least every two weeks and when I do, I’ll just train harder the next day and run longer. I love it. And I never ever deprive myself of chicken nuggets, or chicken in general because my body needs all the protein it can get.

Being in the spotlight has its perks, but also some downfalls – haters included. How do you deal with negativity?
I love this question. I studied high school in the states and went through a lot in terms of bashing and bullying at such a young age. I thank each and every person who gave me a hard time in school because these people taught me how to not care about what anyone says and how to have tough skin through and through. You wouldn’t imagine what girls would say to me every day from the age of 12 until 19 years-old. My former co-contestants in AsNTM and even the other queens sometimes ask me how I’m not fazed and it’s because of what I went through. Be confident and know who you are. In fact, if I catch a bad comment every so often, I even “heart” it to make asar the basher.

If you had the choice to do it all over again, would you? 
Yes, over and over and over again. And I’m not just saying that because I’m supremely happy right now, but because you need all these moments in life to become wiser, stronger and bolder. I wouldn’t change a thing.

From working at Pacsun to becoming an AsNTM runner up and soon after, Binibining Pilipinas Intercontinental 2017, working with fashion and style has been a part of your life. How would you describe your personal style? 
Well, my stylist now, PJ Almera, is also a great friend of mine. He’s extremely talented in everything aesthetic and has helped me enhance and better my own personal style. On off days I’m so laid back, very simple, very ‘80s. I’m a big fan of the ‘80s fashion.

During events or work, PJ has helped me managed to create a very clean, model-meets-beauty queen look. And my style has become very consistent now. I have so much dressing up and I know PJ has so much fun styling me. We even have a shared Pinterest board for references. If you browse through my Instagram you’ll see my personal style right off the bat.

How do you shop? Do you take your time or do you go fast?
I need a whole day. I’m a “one time big time” kind of girl. I take my time and try everything on because clothes always look different off the hanger. You know I’m shopping if I don’t answer my phone for hours.

The Great Northern Sale is coming up soon. What do you look forward to the most during sales? 
I look forward to buying the basics, and a lot of them! Like jeans, shorts, shirts, tank tops – things I can wear over and over again without people noticing. The basics are my weakness. I have like 15 white basic tops in all styles, cropped, halter, spaghetti straps…and that’s just for the color white.

Any tips on shopping during sales?
Again, try everything on and ask yourself how many times can you use the item. If I can’t use it more than ten times, chances are I won’t buy it. During shopping sales you ALWAYS find the best things to keep in your closet for years.

Katarina Rodriguez knows it, and so should you: The Great Northern Sale at SM City North Edsa is happening this July 14-16, and it’s going to be the biggest sale extravaganza that happens only twice a year. It’s the sale where you can build a lifestyle. See you there!



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