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Nadine Lustre’s right, ‘it’s 2017, it’s normal’ to cohabit as well as these five things

Nadine Lustre’s right, ‘it’s 2017, it’s normal’ to cohabit as well as these five things

Scour the net and you’ll find that our 2017 January-February cover girl 23-year old actress Nadine Lustre has been the Internet’s latest target. For what exactly? Well, for her response to a reporter when asked about her rumored situation of living-in with long-time on and off-screen lover 24-year old actor James Reid. As the ambush interview went, when asked if the rumor was true she nonchalantly quipped, “If that was true, so what? Di ba, it’s not new anymore. Come on guys, it’s 2017. Let’s all be open-minded.” And guess what? We couldn’t agree more.

She doesn’t confirm if the rumor is true or not, but as she says: “so what?” Cohabiting is not so out of the ordinary these days. And moreso, it’s really nobody’s business. Even Millennials on Twitter are irritated by this.

So in support and defense of Nadine’s stance, we’ve compiled a list of things that we find totally normal these days but might need an “open-mind” to accept.

Sex talk


It’s 2017, whether you’ll have sex or not, it’s up to you, but the sex talk isn’t something you have to think twice about anymore.

Being queer


It’s 2017, gay, lesbian, bi, trans, or what it’s not a big deal anymore. It’s all about self-love.

Living alone


It’s 2017, you can make your own dough and provide for yourself.

Open relationships


It’s 2017, love who you want and be with whoever you want. Just be honest.

Choosing your own religion


It’s 2017, you can pick your own beliefs now. You can even choose to be non-religious.


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