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Nobody’s “ALL ROADS LEAD HOME” collection is one big secret science project

Nobody’s “ALL ROADS LEAD HOME” collection is one big secret science project

The fine line between appearing esoteric and just sounding lame is hard to tread, but clothing label Nobody finds a way to balance the loaded ideas behind their releases.

Their latest release under the full title “Science Project IV: All Roads Lead Home” is an attempt to include science, collaboration, and the concept of “Home” in one collection.

“With that in mind, we asked Lari (Navarro Gazmen) if we can make a collection about Home,” the brand shares in a press release. “Home for us is Cubao. This is where we all met. This is where Nobody was created. Carl Sagan’s ‘A Pale Blue Dot’ glued everything together for us. Everybody should read it. Good stuff man.”

The collection is a collaboration with Lari featuring: MAFK, ZOM KASHWAK and KKLKD; a series of shirts and jackets that feature each collaborators’ distinct style under the idea of a collection. It’s more of the collaborators’ distinct art style stamped on Nobody’s familiar black and white hues, but the full collection is a total beaut.

“The aesthetics of the collection can stand alone but the real value is in the information discretely included in the item of clothing,” the anonymous people behind the label says. The fact that we’re not particularly knowledgeable about that information and the idea of collaborating with a “bunch of nobodies” despite it being the contrary makes the release that interesting.

Catch the collection’s release this September 29 at in Cubao. Learn more about Nobody here.

Photography by Roy Cabugao
Featuring Carla Crespo, Laura Coronel, Doy Nuevo, Six Gantioqui



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