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Last week’s #ScoutFaves: APOC, She’s Only Sixteen, Ketnipz, Malantot Comix No. 8

Last week’s #ScoutFaves: APOC, She’s Only Sixteen, Ketnipz, Malantot Comix No. 8

Lex, editor-in-chief

“Idolo” by APOC feat. Supreme Fist MV- It’s the first time I’ve heard APOC live last weekend and not only was he good (like good good) but it’s refreshing to go to a gig that isn’t a social event too. Just people drinking, nodding their head with their eyes on the stage. I had to leave before they premiered this music video that night but kudos to Uprising records for the successful event and to APOC for releasing a very strong project. We’ll review this album soon.

Whatever That Was by She’s Only Sixteeen – Some of the tracks I’ve been lucky to hear way back sound different from the final cut but I’m pretty sure all of these tracks sound killer live. I’m still sad that I didn’t get to go the band’s album launch last Saturday at Black Market, but congrats to She’s Only Sixteen for finally releasing this project they’ve been working on for five years. If you want to learn more about the album. their vocalist, Sena, tweeted some of his thoughts while working on the album. Early favorite: “Sheep.”

Denise, associate editor

A Ghost Story – When I was very young, I witnessed someone very close to me pass away. This probably explains my morbid fascination with tales of loss and grief. I’ve been wanting to watch A Ghost Story since I’ve seen its trailer and my expectations were met. It’s not the type of movie that you ugly-cry to, despite its themes of death and passage of time. It’s an eerie and quiet, yet accurate embodiment of what it feels like to lose someone, mirroring that hollowness you get afterward. The film also shows what comes after death, and everything else in between. Everything about it–the cinematography, music, script–was beautiful. Rooney Mara is a vision.

The Language of Thorns by Leigh Bardugo – I’ve been a huge fan of YA author Leigh Bardugo since she released Shadow and Bone when I was still in college (I even met her once and told her that she created my ideal fictional boyfriend in a certain privateer). You can imagine my enthusiasm when she released The Language of Thorns, a short story collection of fairy tales from her Grishaverse. I’m actually only halfway done with it but I’m already IN LOVE. If you loved fairy tales when you were young but always had issues with their problematic tendencies, then this book is for you! Here, the princes aren’t the heroes and witches may not be as cruel as they seem. Every story is unexpected and there’s always a satisfying twist at the end. Plus, there are gorgeous illustrations for each tale. This book is really a must-buy for those dreamers out there.

Ketnipz – I found this guy (he’s only 17?!) on Instagram after everyone went crazy using his sticker for their stories. I checked out his account and realized his comics were actually hilarious?! I love this sneaky-looking bean character and how relatable he is. It’s nice to go through @ketnipz’ art if you want a quick laugh.

Grace, senior graphic artist

It – The movie has been around in the cinemas for a while now but O. M. G. It’s so good, but so scary too. But all around, really really good! I wish I didn’t cover my eyes the whole time, but I just can’t take some of the scenes because of how scary they were. Bill Skarsgård is so freaky. I’m so looking forward to more movies from him!!

Garlic Parmesan McSpicy – So last Friday, we had a McSpicy party for lunch, thanks to our friends over at McDonald’s and they sent us the McSpicy which is making a comeback and the new Garlic Parmesan McSpicy. Frankly, I’m not a fan of spicy food because of allergies, but when I had the Garlic Parmesan McSpicy, it was soooo good! The garlic Parmesan sauce balances out the spice of the ever favorite spicy chicken. It’s like a match made in heaven.

Celene, editorial assistant

Ateneo Art Awards 2017 winner Costantino Zicarelli – Yesterday the Ateneo Art Awards 2017 announced its three winners: Cian Dayrit for Exposition, Gale Encarnacion for Blow Me, and Costantino Zicarelli for Prelude to a Billion Years, for the Fernando Zóbel Prizes for Visual Art along with its two winners: Arianna Mercado for “Dalena’s Curtain Call” and Josephine V. Roque for “Transits of Meaning”for the Purita Kalaw Ledesma Prizes in Art Criticism. As much as I wanted Doktor Karayom’s Linya to win, I had a feeling that Cos would. I remember going to this first solo show of him on opening night at Art Informal, and becoming a fan. I can’t wait to see what he has in store for his Liverpool Hope University residency grant.

Malantot No.8 Cover by Robert Langenegger. #komiks #comicsph #comics #malantotcomix

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Malantot Comix Launch No.8 – I headed down to streetwear store Progress‘ flagship store in Q.C. over the weekend for the launch of the 8th edition of Malantot Comix, where bands like Kapitan Kulam and Sewage Worker played at, and it was wild. I got there last minute, but it didn’t even matter. After the event, everyone just hung around for an impromptu d.i.y. projector videokedo shesh. But going back to the comics, the cover is done by painter Robert Langenegger and you can find stories and art by him, Mike Mascardo, Gani Simpliciano, Romeo Lee, Jayson Oliveria, Jed Escueta, and more inside the hilarious comics.




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