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Netflix’s ‘Street Food’ makes us want to fly to Cebu for pig brains

Want to go on a culinary journey? From the creators of Chef’s Table, this new documentary series wants to make us drool over Asian food.

Street Food is about—of course—street food. It’s the answer to our post-pub crawl cravings, our daily merienda, and our sustenance when petsa de peligro hits us hard. Apart from the food, the show is a celebration of culinary heroes making street food daily. Most of them aren’t formally trained, but they make the dishes that somewhat define their city’s culinary identity.

The show features nine cities from Asia, including Cebu City. And no, they didn’t fly in to try the average kwek-kwek or isaw. In their Cebu episode, they put the spotlight on delicacies that make the city unique. It won’t be a Cebu trip without revisiting the classic Lechon Cebu. But we’re not here to revisit, we’re here to discover.

We’ll find out dishes that are only found in the Queen City of the South. The historically iconic tuslob-buwa is one. It’s a thick, bubbling gravy made with sautéed onions, garlic and pig brains. Yikes, pig brains? Are you sure? Well, we haven’t tried it, but the show might just convince us to fly to Cebu and taste it. After all, we’ll all be hangry and drooling by the end of each episode.

Street Food is here to prove that a city’s culinary history requires no reservations. In this show, all we need is an empty stomach and an open mind.

Watch the trailer below. Street Food streams on Netflix, April 26.


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