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Someone uploaded whole episodes of Tagalog-dubbed “Ghost Fighter”

Someone uploaded whole episodes of Tagalog-dubbed “Ghost Fighter”

Before Netflix and Crunchyroll, there was Anime sa Hapon in our local TV stations. It made every early 2000s’ kids lives worth it. There’s no afternoon where we didn’t grab the latest anime logo they’re promoting for our phones. Our true national anthem back then was from the intros of our favorite series. From Knock Out to Ghost Fighter, we didn’t binge back then, we only can anticipate. That is until today.

Nowadays, we have the luxury of streaming our childhood favorites with the convenience of subs. But is it really a Pinoy childhood without the awkward Tagalog dubs we love to hate and vice versa? Well, look no further for we found a Youtube channel that’ll revive the young otaku within us all.

Anime Tagalog Dubbed provides us with full episodes of three iconic animes that had made our childhood. We’re talking about the hapon Tagalog dub favorites; Ghost Fighter, Knock Out!, and of course, Flame of Recca. Don’t get us wrong, we are hyped and living for this anonymous Pinoy weaboo for providing us these nostalgia fuels. We still can’t help but ask: how did they get these in 480p nonetheless?

The user seems to credit the company Telesuccess Productions for this. Doing a bit more digging around the web, they seem to be the production that provided us the Tagalog dubs from our childhood. This includes anime titles such as the timeless Voltes V and even the other sentai classic Daimos.

Did the user work for them in the heyday of afternoon anime programming? Is this user from the deep web giving us something wholesome instead of nightmares just for once? Maybe they’re just like us who wants to go back to simpler times when we have no idea what the word hentai is and what the weight of the word adulting even was.

Whatever the reason is, we’re rejoicing over the sudden surge of our childhoods flooding back. And we’re not waiting around ’till that school bell rings any longer.

Netflix, we love you, but Anime Tagalog Dubbed gave us something you can’t — irresistable cultural nostalgia.

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