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10 life hacks from “Queer Eye” that you should try out

10 life hacks from “Queer Eye” that you should try out

Netflix’s Queer Eye recently released their second season and we are admittedly hooked. (Literally everyone in the SCOUT team is addicted.) While most of us are dying to experience this life-changing makeover from the Fab 5, watching it on screen grants the viewers some takeaways too. We compiled some of the life hacks that we took by heart–this includes grooming, style, cooking, space, and lifestyle tips. Because let’s be real: what are the chances of getting picked out of thousands?

Jonathan’s grooming

1. Face masks aren’t a luxury

Jonathan has been known for making DIY face masks in Queer Eye, and it isn’t less effective and relaxing. You can take products you already have at home, like oats, milk, coconut oil, etc., and blend them together. Applying the face mask takes less than five minutes, and it proves to be therapeutic.

Doing this once or twice a week isn’t just good for your skin, it also helps with cooling down the pressure. Especially if you work from 9-5 and think you do not have time to chill. Rest easy. You deserve it.

2. Keep your nails clean!

You can even let the face mask do its job while getting a mani pedi. According to Jonathan, you should get a manicure every other week, and a pedicure once a month. Keeping your nails clean isn’t just a diva thing. They are also representations of you, and heavily affect first impressions.

We’re saying don’t just cut them. Go to a spa, or call for home service. According to Healthy Options, buffing your nails doesn’t just make them look nice and shiny but is also important to stimulate blood flow to the area. Nothing wrong with a little pampering, before you conquer the world.

3. “Hair grows back anyways.”

You can’t go to a salon and just get whatever haircut. Your face shape and your angles should dictate what kind of cut you’re getting. They should highlight your assets. Getting an outside perspective is encouraged too, since most of us can’t really determine our own assets. What you’ve been hiding might have been the charmer after all. This also goes for shaving. Shaving has gray areas–it’s not just clean shaven, or hillbilly-no-civilization beard. Keep your facial hair groomed, no matter what style you’re rocking.

4. Read hair care ingredients

Just because it bubbles doesn’t mean it’s enough to clean your hair. I mean, sure it gets rid of the oil, but some oils are essential for healthy hair growth. Sodium lauryl sulfate, commonly found in drugstore shampoos, is also really bad for you. It’s the same component used in toothpaste. Start replacing your daily personal care products with sulfate-free ones. It’ll make a difference. I mean, look at Jonathan’s gorgeous hair.

Tan’s style tips

5. The French tuck

Or shall we say, “French took.” Upon searching up the term, there are theories that it’s an invented word by Queer Eye’s style expert, Tan France. The French tuck is simply the art of tucking in a shirt at the front while leaving the back loose. This is supposed to elongate the body and make you look slimmer, looking relaxed but still fashionable. Perhaps Tan officially put a name to a long-existing trend, but we’re digging it.

6. Tailoring is your best friend

Whether your style is bohemian, vintage, or comfort, picking the right sizes matter. If it’s difficult to find your exact fit, since most fast fashions only cater to certain body shapes, have your clothes tailored. Getting your tops and bottoms tailored not only accentuates your figure, but it also gives that snug feeling which boosts comfortability and confidence. You don’t have to alter your style completely, you just have to work it. Tip: Go to your neighborhood tailor or seamstress. You’re saving money and supporting their livelihood at the same time.

Bobby’s house and structure tips

7. Color matters more than you expect

When you’re refurbishing your place, simply coloring your walls makes a huge difference. Coloring them white makes small spaces look larger, while red is associated with pressure and anxiety. Bobby also recommends cool colors like grey and blue, because this makes the room calmer. You’ll be surprised how this affects your everyday mood.

8. Repurposing items

Moving into a new place gets overwhelming because of the expenses and the clutter. In Queer Eye, Bobby showed the viewers how to repurpose things which you thought need to be replaced. Recycling is not only good for your wallet, but it’s good for the environment too. At the same time, you reduce clutter and be inventive. A simple coat or sanding can add value to your items. This means getting to keep the sentimental value your item comes with, too.

Anthony’s cooking

9. Delicious doesn’t mean difficult

Eating is a necessity, but that doesn’t mean you should eat just about anything. If you think cooking requires too much effort, then you obviously haven’t heard about Antoni. The foodie in Netflix’s Queer Eye is the expert on making simple dishes stand out. “Elevate”–as they call it.

While a lot of fans have been joking around Antoni’s segment being effortless, we think it’s a good thing. Not everyone in the show has the same love for cooking; more so in real life. He’s simply doing his job by reinventing simple dishes and making them super easy to imitate. After all, it’s not every day that you come across an expert chef, nor can you transform an average guy to Gordon Ramsey in a whim.

Karamo’s culture & motivation

10. Activities are more than fun

In Queer Eye, Karamo as the culture expert encourages the makeoverees to partake in physical activities. These include dancing, climbing, blind-folded trust falls, and more.

The variety of activities are not only for mere fun. Rather, getting out there and conquering fears physically spearhead change in habits and outlook in life. A simple switch in routine does not only benefit your body, it also gives you time to think, calm down, and take better care of yourself.

Featured image from Netflix
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