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Wait, did this parody account release Jigglypuff singing “Hollaback Girl?”

Wait, did this parody account release Jigglypuff singing “Hollaback Girl?”

Memes and parody accounts come and go.  Some can get dank really quick in fast-surging tides of the internet. But this might not be the case when it involves a classic Pokémon. Any kid who watched the original Pokémon series or played the old Gameboy games (Lavender Town conspiracies be damned) know the mystical powers of Jigglypuff’s singing voice. That one voice that could put anyone into a deep sleep. Well, guess what? It’s now our favorite meme.

While Jigglypuff hasn’t made prominent appearances in recent Pokémon seasons, it seems that Twitter account @jigglysinging is gearing the classic Pokémon for a comeback and with updated tunes to boot. The account tweets clips from the episode “The Song of Jigglypuff,” where Misty encourages the Pokémon to sing for them, to which Jigglypuff nods and agrees. Just as everyone leans expecting it to sing its signature song, Jigglypuff drops a banger instead. Examples range from a totally wholesome anthem such as cupcakKe’s “Deepthroat,” or a classic like Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl.”

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It can get pretty upset too if you don’t listen to it, just ask Ash and friends. Best to click that follow button when you don’t want that adorable ball of cuteness to suffer.

While @jigglysinging was just made this month, it has gained a small but dedicated following after Jigglypuff dropped a short clip of the Pokemon singing Charli XCX’s “Focus.” It is still the Pokémon’s most popular release, garnering nearly 2,700 likes and 6,500 retweets since July 25.

Probably shocked by the sudden rise to internet stardom, Jigglypuff took a short break because the Pokémon “needs to rest their vocal cords for tonite and get some sleep.”
Jigglypuff’s manager @ccakeblackwig has closed down requests for now — but it seems that Jigglypuff is back and more than ready to hit the stage again. Let’s take a look at some the Pokémon’s greatest hits (so far).

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Apparently, Jigglypuff is a big Lorde fan:

It seems like Pokémons also love k-pop:

God is a woman and it’s definitely named Jigglypuff:

Oh, scratch that. It’s Britney, bitch:

still from The Pokémon Company.

by Phillip Jamilla 

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