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Mocha Uson, you are really making this hard for us

Never have I encountered someone who’s an insult to every professional like Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson. I’m unsure if I should give her props for cheating life. Let’s be honest for one second. Political science majors would’ve set their degrees into flames if they thought that having a Facebook blog is the key to their success.  A lot of our president’s rabid supporters see her as their champion, their sultry Joan of Arc. But this time around, even Senator Tito Sotto’s not having a political hard on. Mocha Uson’s #Pepedederalismo awareness campaign is pure, unadulterated Mocha. In other words —it’s garbage.

Last Thursday, Mocha Uson posted a webisode in her Facebook blog about federalism 101 with fellow blogger(?) Drew Olivar. This is in order to educate the public or rather the DDS community on what federalism really is all about. Now, I’m no pol-sci major or anything, but even I know there’s something wrong about sexualizing political ideologies. A famous scene from this FB live webisode is Drew’s lewd dance sequence.

The video from parody account Malacanang Events and Catering Services above shows Drew pointing to his dede (breasts) and pepe (vagina) in order to educate the public about the ideology. Safe to say, this is one dance craze we’re not itching to shake our booty too. Is it because she just sexualized a political ideology? Not really. It’s just that regardless of the presence or absence of the dance-y jingle —it doesn’t educate us about anything. If you’ve watched your classmates do a group skit for creativity points and yet still reads from the slides, then you will know exactly the feeling of watching this.

Mocha is a supposed frontliner on the proposed shift to a federal form of government being peddled right now. But even pro-federalism senators aren’t dancing to Mocha and Drew’s new groove. “’Di ko lubos akalain na bababuyin pala nila ang kawsa ng Pederalismo. Ilayo na si Mocha sa Pederalismo. Mag-aral muna siya ng mabuti. Mag leave muna siya,” Senator Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III said to

(I never thought they would even tarnish the cause of federalism. Mocha should be taken out of federalism. She should study hard first. She should take a leave first)

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What really surprised us is how long did the government take to realize that Mocha Uson is like Jon Snow. She knows absolutely nothing. The same goes to Drew Olivar who co-hosted the webisode with her. Mocha defended herself saying that the video was just to get people to talk about federalism and in no way represents Malacanang. But that within itself is a fallacy. Does she forget all the time that she’s a government official? With a paycheck that every blogger dreams of having, we don’t think that its easy for her to forget such a thing.

Some people used to applaud her for being vocal about sex positivity through her vlogs on Youtube. Now, she still uses some part of her sexually-charged personality with her conservative politics. This just only proves how our government officials are clueless about the ideologies that they promote. Lecturing someone through just reading notes on a bond paper doesn’t exude confidence with one’s knowledge of the topic. Google does a better job than any of these bloggers/government officials. The only difference being that Google doesn’t rob our local taxpayers blind.

Mocha Uson would’ve been a great success story. Imagine a woman working as a public servant who has a sexual history, who’s proud of her body, and playing a huge role in the administration. But this is not the case for her ignorance and lack of respect for her countrymen is at play. The position she attained is an insult to the few government officials actually doing some good.

This sheer realization of pro-DDS senators on how unfit she is for office speaks volumes on how unfit she really is. She’s incapable of realizing the divide between her life as a “blogger” with her life as a public servant. And if people are still dubious on her credibility, this viral webisode is enough proof.

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